EDM's Future Growth

| August 24, 2016

Electronic dance music has reached a crescendo of mainstream success. Its roots are buried deep in cultural shifts of music throughout the 20th century. Mainstay events in both the world and music scene have propelled dance music to its current state. 

A question is then posed: what does the future growth of EDM look like?

There are a few ways to look at the future growth of EDM. In terms of its expanding culture into the mainstream, economically sizable gains in the music industry, and proliferation of new genres or experimental sounds.

Cultural Future

The current age in society is determined by the technological revolution. This includes the internet, advanced computer technology, and a new globalized interconnected world. 

Contrary to popular belief, dance music didn't just spring up out of nowhere. It has deep roots in disco and funk. These progenitor genres laid the foundation for dance and rave culture to come, as they were inclusive communities that revolved around dance.

This is one of the foundation pillars of dance music that will help propel its growth to all reaches of the world.

Already we see a predominately censored China, taking EDM as its own and putting a unique spin on it.  We can expect more countries and cultures incorporating aspects of EDM to their musical scene.

A beat has no socio-cultural barriers, language over a track or song doesn't matter if it sounds good and can be connected to on a more primal level. 

Dance music isn't just resigned to sound either. Music coincides with the art world. iEDM personifies this in the art it utilizes to create beautiful clothing from cultural figures to artists who blend inspirations from all over the world. 

The future looks bright for a global unified phenomenon, a one-world flag under the shared unified musical experience. 

Economic Future

Following the money, as a qualifier for economic success, it shows that EDM has succeeded in the music industry. "Look Momma, I made it to Forbes!" G-Eazy yells out over Borgore's Forbes.

The crossover beat between rapper G-Eazy and dubstep heavy-hitter Borgore is a perfect song to describe EDM's economic growth. The EDM scene has been growing year after year. Electronic music events are the only festivals increasing in attendance per year. The yearly global economic value of EDM currently stands at $7.1 billion. 

Flourishing festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest are just a few names in the United States. Major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are just some all-inclusive festivals beginning to cater more to EDM.  

Sounds of the Future

As EDM makes its mark on the business world of music and into the collective consciousness, more brilliant music will follow. This is what really matters. 

Everything else is just peripheral to what makes it all go round. Already we are seeing the electronic mix with the traditional, as live festival sets become more common.

One of the most exciting aspects of the future is what kinds of new sounds will be created. This is the hardest area to predict because the possibilities are endless. If you look back these past couple years you'll find things like future house taking hold with that signature Tchami and Oliver Heldins beat. 

Huge live bands like the supergroup Big Grizmatik fill main stages in with traditional live instrumentals blended into electronic beats. This trend will most likely continue as it is exciting and sounds good. 

Be prepared for more cultural infusions of eastern influences and African drumbeats. There is truly no limit for what can be accomplished for the future of dance and music, and we are ready for it.

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