The 5 Best Albums Of 2016

The 5 Best Albums Of 2016
| November 29, 2016

As November begins to come to a close and December slowly creeps up on us *cue the Christmas tunes*, we all begin to reflect on this past year as we prepare ourselves for the fresh year that lies ahead.

We remember the good, the bad, the amazing festivals and shows we've experienced, everlasting memories with our families and friends and, of course, all the amazing music that has come out this past year. Some of the most iconic tunes in all of electronic dance music history were released in 2016, and with those tunes come some pretty unforgettable memories for not just us, but for the artists themselves.

So on that note, we've decided to reflect back on some of the most iconic albums of 2016 and narrow down on our top 5 choices:


1) Hello Clouds - Justin Martin

Justin Martin is the guy that is just universally loved by all- that's exactly why we listed him as the #1 person we would want to have as a BFF. But putting his goofy shenanigans, infectious smile, love for pizza and warm demeanor aside, J-Mart knows how to make some gooooood tunes that can make a crowd move their bodies (and booties) in ways we didn't think were possible.

This was a big year for Justin, considering his massive Hello Clouds album drop. He hasn't put out an album since 2012 with Ghettos & Gardens, so there was obviously a lot of excitement building around Hello Clouds; but man, he did NOT disappoint. The kookiest and quirkiest of beats make up this album- many of them encompassing that Dirtybird sound we all know and love, such as 'Wet Cat' in collab with Ardalan & Kill Frenzy- while tunes like 'Dive In' show a softer, chiller side of the producer.


2) Epoch - Tycho

Personally, this album has got to be one of my favorite albums of 2016 and probably of all of time. We all view Tycho as this godly musical force unlike any other (truthfully, because they are)- and Epoch proves exactly why.

This album makes you feel euphoric; it makes you feel free and connected with your surroundings- and it opens your eyes, mind and soul. Epoch incorporates elements of nature and everyday peaceful sounds- sounds that you wouldn't even think twice about- into its tracks, making these tunes timeless. One thing I highly recommend in order feel the full effect of this album would be to listen to it while you're outside- whether you're on a run, taking a walk or even if you're just laying around taking in the nature. I promise you, you'll see things in a different light if you do this. 


3) Woman - Justice

Justice are legends, point blank. This French electronic duo have produced some of the most iconic and genre-defying tracks in music history. Justice shows are extremely hard to come by, and don't even think twice about hearing new material from them because it's a rare occasion. So naturally, you can presume that the entire world started BUGGING once they heard that a new album was about to drop.

Woman was released just this month, and it truly left me speechless. Not surprised though since Justice always delivers, but to say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. I can't even begin to form proper English words to describe how insane this album is. Just listen to it and prepare for your mind to be totally f*cked with, enjoy.


4) 99.9% - Kaytranada

Where is the .1%, you may ask? Well, we'll probably never know- but that's besides the point. Haitian-Canadian DJ and producer Kaytranada is known for his groovy and funky tunes that can break down musical barriers. Think of his sound as something along the lines of R&B meets electronic meets soul & dance. It's simply impossible for your head not to bop around once a Kaytra track comes on- his sound is borderline infectious.

This master of funk brought on some of the freshest talent in the game to help him put together 99.9%, such as AlunaGeorge, Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa and more. The album artwork is trippy, the tunes are trippy, even the music videos for the album are trippy- so in short, there is nothing about this entire album that doesn't deserve a 100%.


5) Skin - Flume

Our skin was covered in shivers once we heard the tracks off of Flume's latest album release, Skin, that just dropped this past summer. Flume has a very distinct and unique sound that he has curated for himself throughout his time as a producer, and Skin was the Aussie's opportunity to experiment and play around with a sound that nests on the opposite spectrum of what usually creates.

From 'Helix' to 'Wall Fuck' to 'Numb & Getting Colder,' Flume was able to turn his classic Flume sound into something dark, yet ever so delicate in this album. If you wanna dissect this experimental album further and uncover the magic behind Skin, check out the full album review we did here.

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