The Hestia Fire Dance Team Talks About Performing At Festivals In iEDM Interview

| September 23, 2017

György (George) and Krisztin of the Hestia Fire Juggler team are the power couple of fire-dancing. This married duo use precise choreography, fire props, and an erotic approach in their performances. 

The two of them dance their way into big name company events, city festivals, and music festivals as a career. While Krisztin handles the art and performance aspect of the team, George spends his time on marketing and bookings around the globe.

I found them hanging out on the beach at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. They were scheduled to perform every night for seven nights straight, but iEDM got to chat with them in between their performances.


iEDM: You've been performing daily here at Sziget Festival in Budapest! How does it feel to be here?

Krisztin: We are really enjoying it! This is the 9th year our team has come to Sziget. We really enjoy the atmosphere at Sziget, and the beach where we perform. 

iEDM: Which types of props do you like to use the most and why?

Krisztin: I'm using some of the more girly tools like hula hoop and fire fans. We want to present nice visuals, so George uses manly props like the fire staff. 

George: Sometimes we have extra performers for bigger events as well. 

iEDM: What is your favorite musical genre to perform to?

George: She doesn't like my music haha! That's the biggest problem in the choreography, not the moves, but what music is best for us, for the choreography, and the best for the visitors. 

For example, here [at Sziget Festival], we like to use something slow and electronic [dance music]. Something like chill step or tropical house. But in real life, like at city and company events, we like to use more popular music. 

iEDM: When did you first know that you wanted to perform for a living?

Krisztin: I have been performing for about four years. I made my choice to perform about 6 years ago. I was traveling on a train, and I decided I wanted to have some sort of hobby. I knew George, and what he was doing. I wrote him on Facebook and asked if I could join the team. 

George: And I simply wrote "no." Two years later I wrote her and said we have a free spot and you wrote "no." Actually I don't think you ever answered my message. 

For me, I was bored during exams at university, and I wanted to do anything besides studying. That was my reason to start juggling, this is my 10th year. 


iEDM: Fire dancing is rare in Europe. How would you say you appeal to the audience?

George: Here in Hungary, the younger audience usually love to watch us. Middle aged people like the show, but don't usually clap. It's nice here at Sziget though, everyone claps the whole time. 

Krisztin: Here in the festival the audience is more open to this art, so they enjoy our shows. 

iEDM: In festivals in the US, flow arts are performed in the crowd by everyday people. What are your thoughts on this?

Krisztin: There are two sides to this. Sometimes it's better because they can give us tips to improve ourselves or our shows. But I have to say we are not real jugglers, we are more of fire dancers. 

George: We only use dance tools. Mostly with contact props. That's why we go by Fire Dancers, not Fire Jugglers.

Krisztin: But we enjoy meeting other people from these kinds of communities. 

iEDM: You perform as a team, what are some of the challenges you face when coordinating all of these people into one performance?

Krisztin: It's not much of a problem for us because we're married. So we are together in real life, every day. We discuss what we want to do, and it's just simply working for us. 

George: For me, we sometimes have problems. She handles the art side of the business, and I handle marketing. But in choreography or during the performance we don't really have any issues. 

iEDM: Do you have anything else you would like our readers to know about your team?

George: We would like to start working in other countries. Maybe some of your readers can give us tips of where to start! We would love to hear from you on our Facebook HERE.

Krisztin: And come see us at Sziget Festival!

Huge thanks to György and Krisztin of the Hestia Fire Juggler Team and the Sziget press team for setting this interview up. Find more EDM Culture HERE pieces and Artist Interviews HERE on iEDM.


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