The Nomads Guide To Packing Light For Destination Festivals

| October 12, 2016

Alright, so you’ve got your tickets and you’re almost ready to go. The temperature has dropped, but that isn’t stopping you. They say festival season is over, but festival season never truly ends when you are willing to travel.

Traveling in itself can be a pain because you never know what you’ll need. You can’t pack everything, so how do you decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t? Traveling for a festival is a whole other ball game in the world of packing. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you pack.

1. TSA Approved

If you’re flying, you need to make sure everything is a certain size. Buy the re-fill-able shampoo and conditioner bottles so you don’t have to constantly spend money on the mini ones at the drug store. It’ll save you money in the long run.

To save time, try to just bring a carry-on luggage and a backpack. Backpacks are bigger then purses, so you can fit more stuff in it and carry it comfortably. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of trying to wait for your suitcase to come around, especially if you’re flying in the day of the event.

If you're staying at a hotel and forgot something, just ask the front desk. There are usually convenience stores in hotels for common forgotten items. However they tend to be pricey, so in case you didn't rent a car and need to leave to purchase something, a lot of hotels have shuttles to drive you into town if you just ask.

Pro Tip: Those mini bottles of nips liquors are allowed on planes as long as they fit in your quart-sized bag with toiletries.

2. Outfits

Set aside a few solid outfits you know you can’t go wrong in. It's best to try them on before you pack them so you know how they look instead of just eye-balling it. Bring a few interchangeable pieces like those perfect high-waisted shorts that match with everything.

You want to make sure you have extra items for just in case purposes but you don’t want to go overboard and over pack. Packing for festivals is easier because you pretty much know what you’re going to be doing and where you’ll be for the next few days.

Always make sure you have a raincoat, a hoodie, and a solid pair of sweatpants/leggings just in case. Especially if you’re going to a location you’ve never been, you won’t know what the weather will hold in store for you.

3. Camping

If you’re planning on flying to a camping festival and want to save money, rent a tent instead of flying with one. This will prevent you and others from just leaving their tent behind for the crew to clean up. Find a local camping shop where you’ll be ahead of time and reserve a tent with whatever other things you’ll need. This frees up space for you to pack most of things you’ll need like spare chargers and a pillow.

Find a Walmart as soon as you land and purchase snacks, water, and whatever else you couldn’t fly with. Set a budget and try not to go over it. Make sure to split the cost with friends on community items like a cooler so one person doesn’t pay more than the others.

4. Boats

If you plan on attending a boat festival, treat it the same you would as if you were flying except with way stricter ‘TSA.’  All medicines, even Advil, must be in their original packaging.

Everything will be searched incredibly deeply, especially if you’re going into international waters. Don’t be that person that doesn’t even make it on the boat because you tried to bring something you’re not allowed. Most importantly, DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT.


Embrace your inner nomad

There is nothing better then exploring a new city you've never been to before. Grab your suitcase and get ready because it's the perfect time to travel with friends and explore uncharted territories. Be your true nomad self and explore more than just festivals, explore the world! 


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