Top 10 Must-Have Festival & Rave Accessories For 2020

| June 17, 2018

The only thing more important than a festival outfit is… festival accessories. With summer approaching, these prove to be increasingly important as the temperature rise. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, and who wants to be moving around and dancing with extra baggage on them? Better yet, not enough baggage?

From bandanas to protect you from the dust to a handy fanny pack to keep your prized possessions close to blankets for the night time, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 essential festival accessories for 2020!


1. Pixel Pro LED Goggles


These aren't just any goggles, they are the brand new pixel pro LED goggles! Enabled with LEDs and infinite visual sensations through multi-faceted clear glass crystals, these lenses will make your eyes perform optical aerobics as you swim through a galaxy of stimulation. Check out our most popular LED accessory HERE

Purchase your own pair of Pixel Pro LED Goggles HERE


2. Nebudala Bandana


This Nebudala Bandana is a must. All-Over-Print design is made with sublimation, a technique that allows us to deliver the most unreal, vivid graphic visuals throughout the bandana! Protect your face from dust, hold your hair back while you dance or use it as a headband! You will no regret buying this versatile accessory.

Score a Nebudala Bandana HERE


3. Holographic Disco Mini Hydration Backpack



Anything holographic is a keeper! Now you can stay hydrated, and look cute doing it. The Holographic Disco Mini Backpack holds 1 liters of water and features a holographic prism design throughout with black trim and a pink vegan leather logo patch. It also includes signature removable butterfly pacifier mouthpiece attached. This lightweight hydration pack will be you new favorite festival sidekick. 

You can buy it HERE. 


4. Strange Galaxy Plush Blanket


Be prepared for the nighttime with the Strange Galaxy Plush Blanket. This isn't just something to keep you warm, this is a blanket to take you to new dimensions. Bring it with you to the festival grounds or the after party, whichever comes first. You can find more Space Vibes at iEDM to add to your collection. 

Get your Strange Galaxy Plush Blanket HERE!


5. LED Poi Balls: 9-Mode


Every group of ravers needs these on deck, especially when roaming the festival grounds. The GloFX 9-Mode Poi Balls are made out of soft PVC plastic meaning they are nearly unbreakable and very safe on contact. The easily accessible push button allows for quick mode switches! Double-Loop Handles provides superior control, handling, and tricks! For all things that glow check out our Glow Factory!

Pick up your new Poi HERE.   


6. Plurmaid Flask Fanny Pack


This fanny pack is a game changer. With three different and gorgeous mermaid fabrics and a matching signature butterfly on the strap, the Plurmaid Flask Fanny Pack is true necessity for every rave mermaid. If you're looking for a cute outfit to wear this dazzling fanny pack, check out our unique Rave Rompers HERE

Buy your Plumaid Flask Fanny Pack HERE

 7. Lux Glove Set 2.0 



The most essential set of gloves ever to be made. The Lux Glove Set 2.0 was custom manufactured for fit, form, and function. The crystal clear Lux Casing is made from incredibly durable Polycarbonate material — the same material used to make riot shields to protect the lives of police officers. Say no more. Check out our Blacklight collection for the perfect rave outfit!

Buy your Lux Glove Set 2.0 HERE


8. Moon Catcher Duvet


It's time to catch those "Zzz's" after a long day dancing your booty off. The Moon Catcher Duvet features lightweight woven microfiber, multiple sizes, and an invisible zipper closure. A portion of the profit from this item’s sale will go to Svenja Jödicke, the artist who created this piece. iEDM has more Home Good Essentials right HERE- be sure to give them a look!. 

Snag a comfy Duvet HERE


9. Beneath Neck Gaiter Bandana


While many may be quick to grab the bandana, they forget to protect their neck! This Beneath Neck Gaiter Bandana is covered with the most vivid, graphic visuals, a must-have as you party through the day and into the night time. Never lose your bandana in the heat of the moment. Check out more vibrant designs HERE.

Don't forget to grab your Bandana Mask HERE

10. Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles




The only thing better than Kaleidoscope Glasses are our Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles. These are perfect for any rave or festival. Rock our finest Flat Back Kaleidoscope crystals and don't miss another beat! And if you are feeling extra flashy, check out our new Light Up Sneaker Collection!

Buy these Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles HERE.


As you get your festival outfits ready, read up on more festival fashion trends right here on iEDM on Blast's Fashion & Style HERE. We have the hottest rave wear and accessory ideas. 

Check out more festival and rave accessories from iEDM HERE. From goggles to LED glasses, we have the hottest picks to make your outfit basic to rave ready. 


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