Top 10 Onesies to Gift for Christmas 2022

| November 10, 2022

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is no better gift than a onesie from the expansive selection from iEDM's Onesie Collection. This wide and extensive collection allows you to rave comfortably while embracing the Christmas spirit. Get your family and friends something they will never forget or spoil yourself with this amazing selection of rave apparel.


Check out iEDM's Top 10 Christmas Onesies below.


Pizza Pika Onesie

Starting the list off with a bang, iEDM's Pizza Pika Onesie is the perfect outfit to receive on Christmas morning. The stripes of bright green and red are complimented by the snowflakes, dancing pizza, and Pikachu. This extraordinary design combines all your favorite things into a onesie that can be worn again and again.


Buy the Pizza Pika Onesie HERE!


Enchanted Flora Onesie

Boasting an intricate layering of flowers, this onesie will put its owner in a relaxing mood. The graphic uses a blend of cool colors, from hot pink to teal, that send a wave of calmness over anyone who sees it. iEDM's Enchanted Flora Onesie is clearly a must-have for your rave wardrobe.


Buy the Enchanted Flora Onesie HERE!


Wonderland Onesie

Taking a unique spin on raver art, this Wonderland Onesie looks exactly like it sounds. The complex patterns and immersive color schemes transport this onesie's beholder to a place they could only dream about. Our Wonderland Onesie is the prime choice for any outdoor rave or festival.


Buy the Wonderland Onesie HERE!


Christmas Skulls Red Onesie

Another fit that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season is this aesthetic Christmas-themed design. Multi-colored illuminating skulls are placed cohesively throughout the onesie, creating an intriguing image that will hypnotize your rave squad. Whether out at a concert or staying in and watching a movie, this red onesie is great for any occasion.


Buy the Christmas Skulls Red Onesie HERE!


Happy Holidaze Onesie

Imagine taking the two of the best things in the world and fusing them together. iEDM's Happy Holidaze Onesie highlights both stoner culture as well as the most wonderful time of the year with marijuana leaves, Christmas trees, reindeer, and more in the same print. The alternating rows of holiday elements along with green, red, and white, cultivate an uplifting sense of balance across this design.


Buy the Happy Holidaze Onesie HERE!


Iridized II Onesie

As one of the most captivating graphics of iEDM's Onesies Collection, the Iridized II Onesie has the ability to stop a DJ in the middle of their set. As they gaze out onto the crowd, seeing this transcendent design attracts eyes with a complex black-and-white geometric pattern; the rainbow oil background is just as visually pleasing. Can't get enough of this pattern? View the entire Iridized II Collection HERE!


Buy the Iridized II Onesie HERE!


Icosahedron Madness Cold Onesie

This innovative concept from iEDM is geometric like the last one, but obviously a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A pitch black background is covered with three-dimensional shapes in a variety of sizes. Our Icosahedron Madness Cold Onesie radiates cool futuristic vibes off of whoever wears it. Pair with the Icosahedron Madness Cold Mask for a polished, finished look. 


Buy the Icosahedron Madness Cold Onesie HERE!


Junglist Tundra Onesie

This onesie's name and design share the qualities of being completely mesmerizing and exotic. Leaves and plants are spread all over, representing every single shade of green possible. Whether you're a plant parent or not, explore the deepest parts of the jungle when throwing on the Junglist Tundra Onesie!


Buy the Junglist Tundra Onesie HERE!


Mental Swirl Onesie

When zipping up this interstellar onesie, you are taking a journey through the endlessness of space and time. Psychedelic swirls and shiny coloring make this onesie one of the most creative in the entire iEDM Onesie Collection. At the heart of the design is a bright aura that promotes positivity and unity to everyone that comes in contact with it.


Buy the Mental Swirl Onesie HERE!


Psy Mosik Starburst Onesie

Somewhat simple, yet invigorating, iEDM's Psy Mosik Starburst Onesie will put you in the state of mind you've been searching for. It's symmetrical orange, pink, and yellow patterns make the wearer feel like they are inside a kaleidoscope. Wear this funky fit and you won't be able to resist getting groovy on the dance floor.


Buy the Psy Mosik Starburst Onesie HERE!



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