Top 2017 Festival Fashion Trends

| August 09, 2017

Festival fashion is forever changing and evolving because in festival world, anything goes. It is your time to shine and be whoever or whatever you want to be.

We’ve all seen (and often laughed) at the festival fashion articles from magazines like Vogue, and we wonder if the writer has ever been to a festival other than Coachella.

Since the first Woodstock, festival clothes have represented peace, love, and self-expression. Festivals are a place to not be afraid to show a little skin and love your body. They are a place to wear colors or styles you may not always feel confident rocking in everyday life. Festivals are a place to ditch the 9-5 styles and unleash your wild side.

So let’s talk about the rave  trends that we actually see and LOVE at our favorite music festivals. From EDC Vegas to Burning Man, there are a variety of styles, but here are our favorite trends of 2017.


1. Glitter Is The New Black

Glitter has always been a rave wear favorite, but 2017 has seen sparkles taken to the next level. Glitter is a fun and simple addition to any rave outfit that makes everyone look ready for the party. Glitter makeup options are endless and now people are even doing ‘glitter butts’ to make their booty’s shine. Sparkle outfits will make you feel like a disco queen (or king). And to be clear, glitter is definitely not just for girls, guys are rocking it too because festivals are a place to shine.



2. Rep Your Spirit Animal


Cats are probably the most popular animals you to find amongst the crowd with their cute ears bouncing to the beat. But if being a feline doesn’t speak to you, what about a sloth or unicorn? Whatever your spirit animal is, festivals are a great place to unleash it. Clipping in a pair of ears or getting an animal hood is an easy accessory that will make your EDM outfit complete. Animals can be found in every festival crowd across the country, but then there are even specific events that have spirit animal themed days or even Electric Zoo which features a whole weekend of animal inspiration.

 Check out the Animal Collection HERE to unleash your wild side. 



3. Goggles Galore

Steampunk has been an popular festival trend, especially on the West Coast. Goggles are a fun accessory that can also protect your eyes from dust storms at events like Burning Man. But let’s be real, they are more of a fashion statement. Thanks to our favorite female producer Rezz, we have seen goggles galore. You can find them in LED styles, with bolts or spikes, in glowing colors, and even with trippy lens.

Check out all the styles of Goggles HERE.



4. Tie-Dye Isn't Dead


Why wear one color when you rock the entire rainbow? Tie-dye has been in the festival scene since the 60s and hasn’t left. In fact, it’s only gotten better because new techniques are discovered by tie-dye artists all the time. Tie-dye can transform any boring t-shirt into a brand new festival favorite. You can buy tie-dye kits yourself and give it a try, or find professionally dyed pieces at any festival. Tie-dye socks, tapestries, leggings.. You name it and there is probably a tie-dye of it.



5. Awaken Your Style With Sacred Geometry


Sacred geometry has been increasingly popular in the festival scene, as the universal patterns are calming and represent patterns of reality. It combines mathematics with nature. Natural sacred geometry patterns can be found everywhere from flowers to weather patterns. Visionary artists use geometrical patterns often in their psychedelic masterpieces that we see as installations at festivals. Yogis love it too, as it represents attuning spirituality and is linked with chakras and the tree of life.

Check out the Sacred Geometry Collection HERE to express your spiritual side.



6. Rep Your Favorite Music 

Look around any festival and you always see shirts reppin’ their musical tastes. Deadhead designs are popular since the band is considered one of the OGs for the festival scene and for creating the family vibes we share at these events today. You will also see a lot of bassheads wearing designs featuring their beloved bass drop symbol. And don’t forget about trance fam who represent all the dreamers. Whatever genre styles, festivals, or artists you love, rep it hard and you’ll instantly connect with others who love it too. 

Check out the Music Collection HERE



7. The Trippier, The Better


Raves are a place to get weird and trippy art is a fun way to express this. Walking around a festival like Electric Forest feels like you are in a mysterious avatar land as massive glowing art installations surround you. You can interact with these installations, climbing them, decoding them, or even pressing buttons to make them light on fire. Beyond the trippy installations, festival-goers contribute to the vibe with their own psychedelic styles. Throw on a trippy t-shirt and add to the fun.

Check out the Trippy Collection HERE to get weird at your next event. 



8. Mesmerize With Kaleidoscope Eyes 


Transform your favorite light show into an even more mesmerizing experience with a pair of kaleidoscope glasses. Diffraction lens are cool and all but kaleidoscopes have really changed the game. They are an interactive accessory that are fun to share with people in the crowd. Instagram has been flooded with adorable selfies featuring their kaleidoscope shades because they are so captivating.

Check out more psychedelic Kaleidoscopes HERE.



9. Say No To Boring Backpacks


Backpacks are a festival necessity because you need a way to carry your things around, but boring backpacks aren’t fun. We have seen animal backpacks, tribal patterns, holographic.. the options are endless. Now festival backpacks are commonly found with convenient hydration packs that allows to can easily carry around and refill water. Hydration is key to surviving an all night dance party, so make sure your crew has water at all times with a hydration pack.

Check out new styles of Hydration Backpacks HERE



10. Trades For Days


One of the best things about festivals is meeting new friends. But since you are going to meet an overwhelming amount of people, why not make it memorable by gifting them something to remember you by. Kandi is popular in the rave scene, and people put in hours making wowing kandi creations from bracelets to masks. Everyone will remember their first kandi. Another fun memorabilia that has been popular in the festival scene are pins. They go on hats, bags, or a pin boards featuring your collection. There are Facebook groups dedicated to pinning and festivals are even releasing official merch pins.

Check out amazing Kandi Styles HERE


When it comes to festival fashion, anything goes. Get creative and have fun with it. For more festival styles and inspiration, check out the iEDM Festival Collection HERE and stay up to date with festival fashion trends HERE

about the writer

Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

Read More...Lacy Bursick is a Colorado resident who enjoys traveling, hula hooping and hiking with her dog.

She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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