Top 5 Tips and Tricks To Get Rid Of The Wook Flu

Wook Flu

| June 29, 2023

We have all been there. After a long, fun weekend of nonstop dancing, we are forced to go back to reality. But even worse, you suddenly feel like you got hit by a truck. Your nose is running like a faucet, you sound like you are about to cough up a lung, and every part of your body aches. Now what?

Through the countless raves our iEDM team has attended and many 'wook flus' we have recovered from, we know just what you might need to get over your next post-festival sickness.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to getting over the wook flu:


5) Hydrate


This is one of the most important things to do to ensure you get better. You have heard it on repeat from your doctor and parents. Drinking water prevents you from becoming dehydrated while breaking down the phlegm build-up in your throat. It is a natural decongestant and speeds up your recovery. Also, adding in some Liquid IV (I promise we are not sponsored) will give your water a nice flavor, and some essential vitamins too.


4) Eat With Caution

Eat With Caution I love eating out and eating Whataburger as much as the next person. Unfortunately, eating unhealthy foods with the wook flu is a hell no. Your body will have to use a lot of energy digesting this heavily-malnutrition food instead of it working towards becoming asymptomatic.

Try to eat fruit bowls, soups, mac and cheese, or mashed potatoes, even better if these are vegan. A soup concoction I love to whip myself up when I have the wook flu, or any flu, is Miso soup with fresh cut ginger. It helps soothe my throat and clears phlegm.


3) Take It Easy

Take it easy

Sitting in the bed watching Netflix all day is relaxing to an extent, but over a while it gets boring. Days have passed by, you are getting over being sick and ready to get back out there! It is festival season and there will be nothing stopping you, right? Wrong!

But soon enough, you will get through this. As long as you lay down, decompress, and put down the vape. And before you get all worked up, this is not “five tips and tricks on how to stop vaping”. Clearly, it is not doing you any long-term favors though.





2) Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Taking vitamins and medicine is something you should do if your doctor does tell you to do so, but there are simpler ways to make sure you can get better. Drinking orange juice, tea with honey, elderberry, and echinacea to can strengthen your immune system. If you do not like orange juice, vitamin C gummies work just as well. Also, the ginger tea and honey combo is a great way to soothe the throat of that scratchy feeling. 


1) Hygiene 


Please do not be that person laying in your bed all sick and dirty. You might be sick, however that is not an excuse to skip washing that ass. Hygiene should never be put on pause and definitely not in this situation. Taking showers or baths will ensure you are getting all the germs off your body. Hand sanitizer and handwashing is solid, but your whole body needs to be clean as well. Plus, if you have a fever you want to take a warm shower, not a hot one, it will just make you feel much worse.

Just a disclaimer that these are tips and tricks, not medical advice. So if you are not getting over the wook flu hastily, make sure to consult with your doctor. Hope you get well soon! You got some raving to do! 



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