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| September 04, 2021

Often times I see someone at a show or festival entertaining themselves and/or spectators with gadgets, an accessory, or flow toys of some sort and it seems like the coolest thing ever; impulse me wants one in the moment. Of course the music overrides this interaction leaving me to go shopping for the item(s) later online. Just so happens the #1 source for rave wear, iEDM, has some of these stunning items! We have scanned thru our catalogs and narrowed down to 10 cool items to have at your next event.

1. Rave Bandana Masks


Bandana masks are nothing new to the rave community. For years now ravers have been wearing them for whatever personal reason. In these times it is almost necessary to have a rave bandana mask at events, particularly as a health precaution.

Browse our Rave Bandana Masks HERE 

2. Rave Phone Cases

Everywhere you look, people are attached to their phones in one way or another. Chances are you have a bland case like the masses. The majority of cases are for iPhones but you have the option between hard and flexi cases. Bring some flavor to your phone with an iEDM rave phone case. 

Upgrade to a Rave Phone Case HERE 

3. Diffraction Glasses


Diffraction glasses are always a crowd favorite for shows with in your face visuals and crazy lights/lasers. They tend to enhance the show with starburst diffraction effects. Be that person to share epic experiences with your own pair of diffraction glasses. 

Blow your mind with these Pot Leaf Glasses HERE 

4. Hooded Blankets

The multitasking hooded blanket is something to have on your packing list for sure. If you are cold, it wraps around your body with a hood intact to keep your ears warm too. On the flip side, the hooded blanket can be used to sit on as well. However you decide to use a hooded blanket is up to you, there is no wrong way to use one.

Get covered with this Green Galaxy Hooded Blanket HERE 

5. Face Masks


Hot topic, masks. Yes they are still a thing halfway thru 2021. They are not going anywhere anytime soon. At this point they have become just as much an accessory as a wallet or watch. Do yourself a favor and purchase more masks; we also have replaceable filters too. Only 14k more masks to meet our donation goal of 200k masks for first responders and frontline workers!

PS. I have this mask! You can too HERE 

6. Rave Kaleidoscope Glasses

iEDM teamed up with GloFX again to produce another style of image altering glasses, kaleidoscope glasses. Similar concept to the diffraction glasses, rave kaleidoscope glasses splits images into numerous angles. The fractal images seen thru the lenses are bound to produce jaw dropping reactions. 

Get your Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE

7. LED Obrit

Almost anything with lights during a show/festival is a win in the eye-catching column. These cool orbits are affordable and compact enough to carry in small pockets or fanny packs. Like many flow toys you make your own patterns. LED orbits could be your flow toy calling, make sure you answer!

Brighten your outfit HERE 

8. Kid Cloth Face Masks

iEDM believes that masks saves lives. We cannot forget about the younger lives. It is comforting to see parents have their children prepared at events with earplugs, water, masks, etc. For those with children, please do not forget to help protect your child with a face mask!

Kids Cloth Masks HERE 

9. Classic LED Gloves

Gloving has become one of the more popular flow arts in the scene to date. I dabble as I even have a pair of gloves myself. Although it looks cool with a simple concept of moving your hands in different motions, it is harder than it appears. Get a pair and start practicing soon.

Begin your gloving career HERE 

10. Space Whips

We saved the best for last, space whips! It is so much fun to play with these toys. There is no rhyme or rhythm necessary for playing with a space whip, all you have to do is whip it! The strings attached are lengthy so be careful of your surroundings. If you are feeling frisky, try playing with two space whips at the same time! 

Whip it HERE

Need fresh items for your home? Take a look at iEDM's home accessories for a new vibe! 

8 Hottest Must-See Imagine Music Festival Acts HERE

iEDM Festival Season Schedule HERE

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Daniel Smith

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