What Each Zodiac Should Bring To A Rave

| September 02, 2017

 The alignment of our sun, planets, and stars during the time of your development and birth determine which of the 12 zodiacs you belong to. Each of the signs belong to one of the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. 

There are common traits of each element and zodiac. Some we may not like to admit, others we can be very proud of. 

Let's be real, we all have some kind of zodiac pride, but every raver likes flow toys and rave wear accessories. After studying each zodiac, we've selected the best rave item for each based off of their key traits. 

iEDM has the perfect match for every zodiac, responsible earth signs, idealistic air signs, energetic fire signs, and creative water signs to pack in their next festival bag. Check out this list of what each zodiac should bring to a rave and get to know each sign. 


1. Aries: Poi


Always on the move, Aries need something to flow with. Aries enjoy catching the attention of others and being the life of the party. Poi is perfect for this fire sign because they learn fast and will master the flow quickly. Eventually they can even be a master fire spinner and light up the night with fire poi.  




2. Taurus: Hydration Back Pack

Known as on of the most responsible and sensible of the zodiacs, Taurus often becomes the festival family mom or dad of the group. Every festival family needs at least one person carrying all the important stuff and replenishing the squad with water, and a hydration back pack is the perfect way to do this. 




3. Gemini: Funny T-Shirt


Gemini are quick-witted and fun loving. If you need a laugh, hit up a Gem. They are pranksters and love to joke and play. A funny t-shirt shows their goofy side and says they are there to have a good time. You can never go wrong with that. Check out more funny designs HERE.




4. Cancer: Sacred Geometry

Cancers are deemed the sweetest of all twelve because of their empathetic ability. They connect to the energy surrounding them and can feel your vibe from a mile away. You can't fool them, because you can't fake a vibe. Sacred geometry is a majestic way for them to show off who they are at the core. Check out more Sacred Geometry designs HERE.




5. Leo: King Of Lions  


King of everything the light touches, Leo's are natural leaders. They are beautiful, and they know it. The perfect rave wear for them is something fierce, that expresses their intensity. What better than a beautiful lion to match their intense beauty and leadership. 




6. Virgo: Space Vibes 

Paying attention to the smallest detail, Virgo has an eye for the most intricate designs and color patterns. Even though they are very down to Earth, cosmic views intrigue them and fill their minds with wonder. Check out more celestial space wear HERE.




7. Libra: LED Gloves


Libras are calm cool and collective. They need something that might entertain the people around them without being too extra. Mind-melting is what they're good at. Give them a pair of these trippy and fun gloves, and prepare to be impressed.




8. Scorpio: LED Mask


Scorpios like to be mysterious, and look good while doing it. They are magnetic and enchanting. A mask will allow them to hide behind something while simultaneously drawing attention. It’s a great conversation starter and lets their mysterious side enchant, all while glowing in the limelight. 




9. Sagittarius: Orbit

Sagittarius are outgoing and like to meet new people. They are the life of the party, so an orbit is their perfect rave accessory. An orbit opens the door for making new friends who will want to watch and try your mesmerizing LED toy. It’s not too expensive and hard to break, so sharing won't be a problem when it comes to this trippy little gadget.   




10. Capricorn: Goggles

Capricorns are perfectionists and a little on the conservative side. Capricorns are also practical, so they don’t want to carry around an accessory that is going to get in their way and serve no purpose. Goggles are their perfect rave item because they can protect their eyes from dust, and they have a strap so they won’t lose them. They are also the perfect addition to make any low-key outfit rave ready.




11. Aquarius: Kandi 


Sweet as kandi, well, most of the time they are. Aquarius likes to imagine, create, and share.  You can buy it, but its also fun to make. When feeling that plurfect connection with someone, you can trade or just gift kandi away. They may even keep it forever.




12. Pisces: Artistic Designs 


Artistic as it gets, Pisces love to get creative. They know how to express their deepest thoughts and emotions through anything artsy. Their colorful souls enjoy connecting, creating, and clothing! Check out more artistic designs available HERE.


No matter what your zodiac is, iEDM has all the rave accessories for your next event. Check out more EDM inspiration for your next rave HERE. Stay tuned for more iEDM festival fashion tips HERE.

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

Read More...Kylie is an Atlanta based writer with an incurable wanderlust. She found her way to EDM music at very early age when her parents would play their Florida breaks techno and amuse her with flow toys in the living room.

Ultra Miami 2015 was her first music festival, and she has been to over 15 more since. Her favorite EDM artists are Bassnectar, Purity Ring, Flume, Griz, and RL Grime. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing with a focus in entertainment. Future plans include living, loving, and creating.

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