Why Hydration Packs Are A Festival Must-Have

| August 24, 2017

Even though summer is winding down and the days are cooling off, festival season is still in full swing. Festival safety is one of the most important conversations that we can have in the EDM community, and for good reason.

Many festivals have anywhere between thousands and hundreds of thousands of attendees, and with that many people in one space, safety is important.

We’ve talked about the importance of festival safety in previous articles (check out how to stay cool and safe HERE and our ten commandments of festival safety HERE) and now we’ve made it even easier for you to be safe and have fun at festivals. 

Beat The Heat

At any given festival, you will see people wearing hydration packs. These convenient backpacks are a festival must-have and for good reason. Some festivals take place in hotter locations, such as Burning Man and EDC so having a hydration pack can be a make or break for these kinds of events. Also, if you're going to travel all the way out to these festivals and spend money on tickets, who wants to miss the music because of dehydration? 

Hydration packs allow you to take water breaks even in the middle of a set, a light show or a shuffling routine. You can carry your glow gear, eye wear and other festival must-haves in your bag, keeping you hands-free all festival long!


Here's How Hydration Packs Work 

Hydration packs allow for hands-free hydration. Water is stored in a removable pouch in the back of the pack and a tube extends from the pack and rests on the straps of the pack. If you bite down on the tube, it starts water flow. Easy right?

iEDM now carries a range of hydration packs to make festival season easier and safer for you. Our hydration packs carry up to 2 liters of water, enough to keep you going even on the hottest day of a festival. Our packs also come in a variety of designs from holographic disco designs to cute florals- there’s something for everyone.

So even though summer is cooling down, hydration is still important. The best way to have the time of your life at a festival is to be safe. Remember, the safety of all is the responsibility of all. Be safe, stay hydrated and have fun!

Check out our full range of hydration packs HERE. And stay cool and comfortable with our tanks and crop tops that are perfect for festival season HERE.

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Lindsey Moriyama

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