What To Wear To EDC Las Vegas 2022

| April 09, 2022

Stock up and plan your outfits now for EDC Las Vegas before it's too late. Venture on the Las Vegas strip for pool parties and club nights leading up to the most idyllic weekend festival. Every print comes in more than one product, so you can plan entirely coordinated outfit sets for each day to save time finding separate clothing articles. Show off your artistic side under the electric sky this May.


Check out iEDM’s EDC Las Vegas 2022 Fashion Guide below.



Darkness Bandana

Ready and suited for techno time at the neonGARDEN stage, express your inner techno snob with the Darkness Bandana. Prepare to be dripped in this monochromatic and breathtaking floral design. It's vital you dress in your finest blacks to see the king of high tech minimal, Boris Brejcha.


Buy iEDM's Darkness Bandana HERE.



Blossom Bodycon Mini Dress

Darling and delicate, the Blossom Bodycon Mini Dress is stunning from head to toe. Easily accentuated with any accessory, this dress has infinite potential to be an iconic outfit in your rave arsenal. Wear this mini dress with a pair of platform boots that are high enough for you to reach the fireworks in the sky. 


Buy iEDM's Blossom Bodycon Mini Dress HERE.



Tangerine Dream Cloak

The Tangerine Dream Cloak is a multi-functional masterpiece. Pair this colorful rave cloak with mesh bell-bottoms, tights, leggings, shorts, skirts, or even jeans. Get creative to make this rave cloak your statement or signature clothing item.


Buy iEDM's Tangerine Dream Cloak HERE.



Neverland Drop Cut T-Shirt 

Plant-lovers rejoice with the intricate and artistic print on the Neverland Drop Cut T-Shirt. The attention to detail on this unisex drop-cut T-shirt begs to be admired before wearing it as a tableaux. Show off this ensemble as your tribute of love for mother Gaia just as EDC’s state-of-the art installations.


Buy iEDM's Neverland Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE.



Love Lips Onesie

Camp EDC requires a onesie to catch some Zs before heading to the festival grounds at 6am. Spreading more love, Xs, and Os everywhere you go in the name of PLUR during EDC week, modern art and 2000s pop culture fuse together in this better than valentine’s day look. EDC welcomes you to be the headliner during the heavenly weekend so show your endless love for the festival with the Love Lips Onesie.


Buy iEDM's Love Lips Onesie HERE.



Cosmic Swirl Tank And Shorts Combo

Swirl in and out of EDC’s wonderland in this fluorescent psychedelia of an outfit. Trippy and conscious-bending, the Cosmic Swirl Tank And Shorts Combo deserves to become a staple in rave closets. Mix and match different prints to create an even more mind-blowing optical effect while trying to reach the rail.


Buy iEDM's Cosmic Swirl Tank And Shorts Combo HERE.



Psychedelic Dream T-Shirt And Shorts Combo

The Psychedelic T-Shirt And Shorts Combo is a sensible and expressive rave style. Grab your bucket hat and stick out in the crowd with this multi-color festival find. A memorable outfit like this allows you to embark at EDC like its EDM fashion week.


Buy iEDM's Psychedelic Dream T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE.



Space Invasion Crop Top And Leggings Combo

Destined to put groove in your moves, the Space Invasion Crop Top And Leggings Combo is secure for 12 hours of dancing. An ensemble created for less adjustment throughout the night, so you worry less about your outfit and more about dancing as much as you can for BIJOU B2B Habstrakt. Throw a kandi party inspired by the colors of this rare, neon look.


Buy iEDM's Space Invasion Crop Top and Leggings Combo HERE.



Webbed Geometric T-Shirt and Joggers Combo

If tanks or crop tops aren’t the practical item for your rave closet, the Webbed Geometric T-Shirt And Joggers Combo will help combat the night’s cold weather and provide comfort as you sleep. From 6pm-6am, this outfit will hold up better than your glittered cheekbones. Accessories can only accentuate this outfit’s contrasting duality of black and vibrant colors.


Buy iEDM's Webbed Geometric T-Shirt and Joggers Combo HERE.



Get ready for festival season with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!


Check out iEDM's entire EDC Collection HERE!


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