What To Wear To Forbidden Kingdom

| April 21, 2022

With Forbidden Kingdom coming to Orlando in the next few weeks, you will need the best rave wear to match its medieval theme. iEDM provides outfits that will turn the heads of your fellow ravers and allow you to embrace the Game Of Thrones vibe that Forbidden Kingdom emulates. Whether it is a new pair of diffraction goggles or our dragon scale designed fits, we have a wide selection to show up each day in. Pull up to Forbidden Kingdom in rave wear fit for royalty. 

Check out iEDM’s Forbidden Kingdom 2022 Fashion Guide below.



Brass Spike Goggles

Transform yourself into a medieval partygoer with our selection of Brass Spike Diffraction Goggles. Our lenses come in clear, auburn enhanced, and tinted. You can also pick between our regular and spiral diffraction effects for each type of lens. See the lighting displays and fireworks at Forbidden Kingdom in a whole new way with these beauties.


Buy iEDM's Brass Spike Goggles HERE!


Dosed Dragon Scale Bandana

What’s a better way to rep Forbidden Kingdom’s theme by wearing the Dosed Dragon Scale Bandana. The print features a triangular pattern of purple, green, and blue dragon scales that layer each other with perfection. Use this mythic bandana as a face covering or wrap it around your forehead to finish off one of your outfits.


Buy iEDM's Dosed Dragon Scale Bandana HERE!


Purple Galactic Dragon Scale Crop Hoodie


Purple, Dragon, Crop top

To compliment the Dosed Dragon Scale Bandana, snag the Purple Galactic Dragon Scale Crop Hoodie. This graphic is more geometric and less layered in nature; the contrast between bright and dark purples makes for an intriguing effect. Additionally, the fleece crop top comes with a hoodie and the fabric is incredibly strong and durable. 


Buy iEDM's Purple Galactic Dragon Scale Crop Hoodie HERE!



Game Of Thrones Dragons Weekend Shorts


Staying with Forbidden Kingdom’s dragon theme, the Game Of Thrones Dragon Weekend Shorts are a must-have. These bottoms take its beholder to an otherworldly night sky filled with purple and pink. Among the black silhouettes of the pine trees, three massive dragon shadows hover through the air. Splattered with white dots, these shorts will blend in seamlessly at Forbidden Kingdom.


Buy iEDM's Game Of Thrones Dragons Weekend Shorts HERE!


Fire And Ice T-Shirt


Another eye-catching apparel option is the Fire And Ice T-Shirt. In this concept design, two wolves go head-to-head. One wolf has red hot flames erupting behind it while the other has icy blue flames at its back. This shirt is guaranteed to come with a boat-load of compliments from your friends and other ravers.


Buy iEDM's Fire And Ice T-Shirt HERE!



Fire And Ice Galaxy Leggings


Another take on the fire and ice theme, the Fire And Ice Galaxy Leggings have a smoother feel. One leg is covered in a bright orange aura while the alternate leg is a mix of luminescent green and space. Where the legs meet so do the colors, forming a calming mixture of the two. 


Buy iEDM's Fire And Ice Galaxy Leggings HERE!



Fire Ornament Tank


No sleeves necessary for this awesome intricate tank top. Forbidden Kingdom is all about fire, dragons, chaos, and dubstep. Wear the Fire Ornament Tank to embody the incendiary colors correlated with Forbidden Kingdom. The detailed geometric design brings sensory overload to anyone who lays their eyes upon it. Warn your friends not to get lost in its captivating patterns.


Buy iEDM's Fire Ornament Tank HERE!



Hidden Lion Tank Top


A fan favorite at iEDM is the Hidden Lion Tank Top. This will look great at Forbidden Kingdom but can really be worn to any festival or event. The eccentric mesh of bright colors makes for a solid combo with the faded lion face. Effortlessly spark up conversations with other ravers at Forbidden Kingdom once they are magnified to you by this trendy top.


Buy iEDM's Hidden Lion Tank Top HERE!



Lava Trip Drawstring Bag


When it comes to festival season, outfits are important but nothing is more essential than a bag to carry all of your rave supplies in. Show up to Forbidden Kingdom in style with the Lava Trip Drawstring Bag. The design features a groovy blend of hot pink, charcoal and other colors that flow together like lava.


Buy iEDM's Lava Trip Drawstring Bag HERE!



Cat Creep Bandana Mask


The Cat Creep Bandana Mask fully grasps the ominous environment at Forbidden Kingdom. While listening to dark buildups and heavy bass drops, this mask will mold its wearer into a nocturnal rave animal. The piercing orange eyes will stare into the DJs soul from anywhere in the crowd. Do not miss out on the opportunity to add this to your rave wear collection.


Buy iEDM's Cat Creep Bandana Mask HERE!



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Get ready for Forbidden Kingdom with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!

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