You Got What It Takes? Welcome To iEDM's "Talent Show"

You Got What It Takes? Welcome To iEDM's
| October 20, 2016

Regardless of where we come from and who we are, we all come together at festivals and shows. We are united by our love and passion for this music and thrive off of the energy that this community gives off.

But, let's not forget that we are a talented little bunch of people here, and showcase these talents of ours whether it's at a fest, on Instagram or by incorporating it into our daily lives.

So step right up guys, because we've decided to shine the light on some of these talents and give some shout-outs to some of the awesome peeps who posses them:


Let's be honest, we've all been at that point where we're just chilling in bed on our phones, and end up watching videos of people shuffling for like 3 hours and then find ourselves at 3AM YouTubing "how to shuffle," as we attempt/fail miserably at trying to learn how to do so.

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Shuffling is just like the universal happy dance for us, and there is nothing like letting loose and getting those happy feet going to some of your absolute favorite tunes. Two people who really know how to get those happy feet going, and are some of the most loved, well-known shufflers in the community are Gabby David and Elena Cruz. These girls don't just shuffle, but they truly feel the music that they dance to, add their own unique flair to their shuffle style and even invent some new moves of their own!

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It's people like Gabby and Elena, as well as NYC-based Instagram page Shuffle NYC, created entirely for the love of shuffling and music, who help bring this community together and make something that is so beautiful and much larger than life.

You'll be sure to spot a Shuffle NYC sign or flag at a fest near you- hosting meet-ups that unite shufflers, dancers and those who even just simply like to watch, together. I've been to many of these meet-ups myself and even got groovy during them. I am blown away each time by the blissful smiles, pure happiness and love that radiate from these people as they let their worries fade away, and we just dance the night away without a care in the world.



Now this is where the term "fancy fingers" comes to play. We've all been to shows and fests and as we're in the crowd, notice this gorgeous ball of colorful light that is morphing shapes right before our very eyes.

Naturally, we gravitate towards it and see that this is not coming from some expensive set of lights beaming from the stage, but in fact coming from 10 fingers. And before you know it, you're getting your very own intimate light-show perfectly in-sync with the music, courtesy of one of your fellow ravers.

Gloving has become the staple talent to possess within the community, as it is an extremely hard one to get the hang of. I mean, those fingers are getting quite the workout! It takes lots and lots of practice, and it's an exhilarating feeling being able to see people's faces in awe as they're mesmerized by these LED patterns and shapes you are creating.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of gloves, stretch those fingers out and start glovin'! 



A hula-hoop isn't just for hula-ing (say whaaaat?). That plain ol' hula hoop that you grew up with as a kid and had in your toy chest just got an upgrade: 


Whether you pick up an fancy shmancy LED hoop or stick to a simple OG one, hooping is a truly beautiful art form- even just watching someone hoop is relaxing and transfixing. Don't let the simplicity of a hula-hoop deceive you; hooping is extremely difficult to master, but once you got that flow down, the hoop will almost feel like an extension of your arm and be a part of you.

Hooping also goes far beyond the EDM community and is a universal art form- there's even a World Hoop Day that just happened in the beginning of October! 


Spinning Poi & Orbiting

If you're not the dancing type and don't have fancy fingers for gloving, then not to worry! Spinning Poi or Orbiting is the solution for you and are both pretty similar to one another. Spinning poi is a type of flow that involves a weighted, LED ball or rod at the end of a handle that comes in sets of 2s, and you spin them around as they light up the night. Just make sure you handle them with care and caution though!


The art of orbiting is one that one that you can get the hang of quickly, and you can take an orbit anywhere with you. It's all in the wrist, and with just a few simple movements, you can created intricate LED patterns in the air while blasting some of your favorite tunes to accompany them.


And if you really wanna step it up and wow everyone, put gloves on while you orbit and experiment around with creating an even more intense, illuminating experience.

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