Take A Step Inside iEDM's Glow Factory

Take A Step Inside iEDM's Glow Factory
| July 11, 2016

Brace yourselves for a trippy, bright and stimulating electric experience that is bound to light up your life: Welcome to iEDM's Glow Factory!

No outfit could possibly be complete without some sort of LED accessory, whether it's light-up gloves or light-up sneakers; they're the perfect way to get you noticed and to have you stand out in a crowd.

Light-up gloves have been around for quite some time now, assisting glovers in melting the faces of ravers everywhere with a mind-blowing light show. There isn't just one type of glove on the market. They all come in different modes, colors, patterns and frequencies, like for example the GloFX 'Tsunami' or 'Fantasy' gloves. These gloves are available in either 3 modes or 5.


Gloves and sneakers are dope and all, but you might wanna steer away from these two and bring some new light to the table. If you wanna switch it up a bit, there are tons of different delights that will be sure to satiate your craving desire for some serious LED.

Channel your inner robot and feel futuristic af with a sound reactive light-up mask or grab an orbit, like the GloFX 'Pure Bliss' Orbit, that will create intricate patterns, shapes and colors in the air, and the plus side of getting an orbit? Unlike gloves, you don't have to be a pro to start using it; you just grab an orbit, give it a few whirls and before you know it, it'll be like second nature for you! And if you just wanna keep it simple, you could never go wrong with some classic light-up diffraction glasses.

Now that you've had a dose of only some options for some cool electric gadgets and had a nice little mini tour of our glow factory, the world is your oyster; go wild and get some glow in your life, or maybe even find your own unique way to add some LED to a simple accessory to truly customize it into something of your own!


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