Unlocking the Art of the Orbit

| July 19, 2016

Move aside glovers, you've had your time on the dance floor collectively enlightening people's minds one crazy show after the next. But here's something you don't as often see and should: the mythical and equally illuminating orbit


An orbit isn't quite a glow stick nor is it a gloving set. But, it has the same principles of both. The object is to put on an insane light show through movement and different kinds of lighting and styles. Take a look at one such orbiter in this video.

Now that was pretty cool and that was one guy alone, getting weird in his room. Imagine that in the heat of a rave paired with bouncing flashing lights and a mix of some of your favorite artists. It adds a new paradigm to the audience putting on a show in itself. The art of the orbit is nothing to take lightly, it's also an up and coming type of light show. If you're trying to become one of the forerunners at the rave then prepare to learn the basic first steps and of orbiting. 

Quick Steps 

In our many different areas of light there are varying skill levels. One of the best aspects of an orbit is the easy learning curve. Right away you will notice that it's only two hoops with strings attached to the many LED lights. Start spinning that around and you'll be looking like a pro in no time. Here are a few steps to follow. 

1. Every set comes with high powered micro-lights and nylon strings. There are a popular set of double orbits that are popular with would-be orbiters. Choose your orbit wisely before continuing.  

2. Get a feel for the different types of orbiting you'll be doing, dependent on varying genres of music. Fast jumpy spins work well for some genres, but others not so much. Explore your style!

3. Improvise as much as possible. With any dance form, there's always room for learning and creating what looks cool even if it's not already established or the norm for what you're doing. If it looks good, do it!

Future Orbiters

If being the life of the party and putting on a show is what you're interested, let us know if the orbiting life is for you. Like a newborn planet revolving around a sun, the universe is the limit. Show us some of your future moves at @iEDMOfficial

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