Featured Artist: UMEK



What’s two meters tall, lives behind the iron curtain, has 1605 reasons to run an awesome label and *fucking flies*? Meet UMEK, a techno legend from Slovenia. UMEK is personally responsible for kickstarting the electronic music scene in his home country by organizing illegal raves and becoming one of Slovenia’s most wanted exports, as well as its #1 music ambassador to the whole world.

And he does fly! His gig diary ranges from dark underground clubs in Berlin to massive techno stages at renowned festivals. Apart from his talents in the DJ booth, he’s also a tireless producer. He mostly releases on his own imprint 1605, where he also gives opportunities to talented producers unknown to the broader public. UMEK’s signature sound and his label’s production can regularly be heard on his weekly radio show Behind the Iron Curtain, which is now featured on more than 150 radio stations across the world.

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