Featured Artist: WERK



Vancouver-based music producer and tastemaker WERK is finding new ways to transform ideas into personally affecting experiences through his music. To WERK, music-making is a balance between technical skill and artistic expression—his style is a careful mix of polished sounds developed from years of practicing his craft, and explosive, ever-evolving inspirations that he draws from his love of nature and long-distance running. His Secondwind EP is a perfect expression of his vision, as WERK pairs his dark yet high-energy production with his eye for meaningful creative direction. With mentors like Lunice, Mat The Alien, and Baauer, WERK has gained the attention of some of the most influential minds in music while stressing the importance of significance in his art—he refuses to do anything less than 110%, for himself and his listener. Everything he pours into his music is deeply personal & meant to fulfill his audience through his vivacious and uncanny approach to creation. Musing on his creative output, he says, “I want my art to have nutrients in it, I suppose.”


  • Shlohmo - Driving To 7-11
  • Toxe - Honey Island
  • TNGHT - I’m In A Hole
  • WERK - Prevoking Thought
  • Kodak Black - Killing The Rats
  • WERK - Take Me Higher
  • Ross From Friends - Revellers
  • Deep Sky Objects - Lethwei
  • Skin On Skin - Multiply
  • Randomer x Cadans - Lotta Rump
  • Claude Speed - Ambien Rave
  • Holodec - Keep Shit On
  • Mall Grab - Liverpool Street In The Rain X Lift Me Up Mashup
  • Overmono - So U Kno
  • WERK - Leftovers
  • Baby Keem - Trademark USA
  • Inkke - Ghost World
  • Kodak Black - Super Gremlin
  • WERK - Rolling Hard
  • 645AR - Yoga
  • Lunice - Panera Bread Instrumental
  • WERK - Let Me Be
  • Emma’s Gold ft Chi City - Little Secret
  • S-Type - Horseman
  • Bladee - Reality Surf 

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