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Nate Mars is an accomplished musician and producer known for his captivating blend of acid-scorched production and dark pop sensibility. With his recent groundbreaking album “Out Of The City,” in collaboration with DIA LUNA, Nate Mars has pushed the boundaries of the music industry, creating an experimental and highly danceable LP that challenges the constructs of both the mental and physical worlds.

Drawing inspiration from influential artists such as The Knife and Jamie xx, Nate Mars has crafted a mesmerizing collection of reality-distorting anthems. From the infectious energy of tracks like “Fire” to the introspective and melodic journey of “Buy Your Time,” Nate Mars invites his audience to delve deep within themselves. The album's additional tracks, including “Acid Your Time,” “¿You Are?,” and the title piece, “Out Of The City,” contribute to its enigmatic and mystifying atmosphere.

Nate Mars' signature acid-scorched production style showcases his remarkable talent and creative vision. With a pulse of a TB-303 as the centerpiece, his live performances feature an array of analog hardware, looped vocals, and a dark pop sensibility. Nate Mars' music has garnered recognition, with licensing for film and music hardware products, as well as airplay on BBC Radio One.

As a performer, Nate Mars has graced distinguished music events like SXSW, Miami Music Week and more. His captivating live sets and innovative sound have captivated audiences worldwide, solidifying his reputation as an artist who pushes the boundaries of music.

With a bright future ahead, Nate Mars continues to evolve his unique sound and captivate audiences with his visionary approach to music production. His ability to blend influences and create unforgettable experiences sets him apart as an essential figure in the music industry.


    • Bicep — Apricot
    • Nate Mars + Dia Luna — Fire
    • Underworld — and the colour red
    • Eric Maltz — Sun Dial Part 3 (Original Mix)
    • Shlomi Aber — That's The Way I Speak (Original Mix)
    • Sharif Laffrey — 6AM Cowboy (Sharif Laffrey Deviation)
    • Aera — Acido (Original Mix)
    • The XX — On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)
    • The Knife — Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circutis Remix)
    • Nate Mars — Winter Jackit (Unreleased Exclusive)
    • Jamie xx. Hedie One, Fred again — Smoke (Mall Grab Remix)
    • Jacques Greene — Nordschleife (Original Mix)
    • Devon James — Brighter Day (SCHROEDS Remix)

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