10 Best iEDM Rave Outfits Of 2022

| January 07, 2022

Looking to upgrade your rave wardrobe for the upcoming festival season? iEDM has everything you need to look stylish this summer. Our rave outfits provide full-length all-over printed looks for both men and women. Offered in dozens of styles and prints, iEDM bundles include tanks, crop tops, joggers, leggings, and even face masks. Find matching styles to create a head-to-toe look or mix it up with other prints from our collection. You're sure to turn heads at every event you attend with an iEDM rave combo. 


Check out the 10 Best iEDM Rave Outfits Of 2022 below. 



Dream Waves Tank And Shorts With Face Mask Combo

Head into the summer season with all the essentials with the our best-selling Dream Waves Tank And Shorts Combo. You'll have everything you need for a matching galaxy-inspired head-to-toe look or spice it up by mixing with other psychedelic iEDM prints. This dreamy combo comes complete with a premium reusable printed face mask. 


Shop iEDM's Dream Waves Tank And Shorts With Face Mask Combo HERE!



Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo


If you're a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, you'll instantly fall in love with the Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo. This outfit combines a salmon pink T-Shirt featuring Patrick Star and his iconic lime green and purple coral shorts. Got a buddy who loves Bikini Bottom as much as you do? Grab the matching Sponge Life T-Shirt And Shorts Combo.


Shop iEDM's Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!



Neverland T-Shirt And Shorts With Face Mask Combo

You'll be a walking garden with the Neverland T-Shirt And Shorts Combo. Step into a beautiful botanic oasis and keep the good vibes flowing with this blossoming floral print. With this combo, you'll be bring paradise with you wherever you go. 


Shop iEDM's Neverland T-Shirt And Shorts With Face Mask Combo HERE!



Dripping Space T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

For those who prefer a classic black and white look, the Dripping Space T-Shirt And Joggers Combo is for you. This design is half dark, starry black and half crisp, clean white, with a floating paint bucket pulling it all together. Pair either item with a psychedelic iEDM print to create a truly trippy look. 


Shop iEDM's Dripping Space T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!



Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo

Roar into every festival with this loud and colorful combo. The Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo is one of iEDM's most popular styles. Combine these hoodies and joggers together for a trippy all-over look or wear them separately to bring a pop of color to your daily life.


Shop iEDM's Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Wolf Crop Top And Booty Shorts Combo

Unleash your rave spirit animal with the Wolf Crop Top And Booty Shorts Combo. This beautiful blue and pink tie-dye two-piece look features a psychedelic wolf face front and center. Are you more of a cat person? Check out the Tiger Combo


Shop iEDM's Wolf Crop Top And Booty Shorts Combo HERE!



Eyecopi Kopie Tank And Leggings Combo

All eyes will be watching you when you're wearing the Eyecopi Kopie Tank And Leggings Combo at your next rave. This eye-grabbing design features a rainbow of paint splatters and drips surrounding a stunning all-seeing eye. Contrasting brightly against the white backdrop, this colorful combo is sure to get you noticed this festival season. 


Shop iEDM's Eyecopi Kopie Tank And Leggings Combo HERE!



Weed Crop Top And Leggings Combo

There's no better way to show that you're 420-friendly than with the Weed Crop Top And Leggings Combo. Overlapping bright blue, red, and green marijuana leaves cover the dark black backdrop of this iconic design. Every smoker or stoner needs at least one weed-centric item in their fashion arsenal, so why not make it two with a combo?


Shop iEDM's Weed Crop Top And Leggings Combo HERE!



Holographic Hexagon Zip-Up Hoodie And Leggings Combo

The Holographic Hexagon Hoodie And Leggings Combo is a fan-favorite for good reason. This reflective geometric pattern is mesmerizing as an all-over look and equally stunning when worn as separates. If zip-ups aren't your thing, the Holographic Hexagon print is also available in Pullover Hoodie and Hoodie Dress combos. 


Shop iEDM's Holographic Hexagon Zip-Up Hoodie And Leggings Combo HERE!



Galactic Spectrum Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo With Face Mask Combo

Blast off to another galaxy with the Galactic Spectrum Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo. Stay stylish and warm at the winter rave with this iconic blue and purple galaxy-printed cold weather combo. Complete the full-length 360° look with a matching Galactic Spectrum face mask. 


Shop iEDM's Galactic Spectrum Hoodie Dress And Leggings With Face Mask Combo HERE!



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Get ready for the 2022 festival season by gearing up with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!

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