10 EDM Artists That Made Major Moves in 2018

| December 23, 2018

2018 was a great year for dance music! We have witnessed one of the most eclectic leagues in EDM from sub genres across the globe now becoming mainstream hits.

From bass music selling out major venues, house music becoming popular, and EDM hits that even caught the attention of people like Elon Musk, we can only imagine what 2019 has in store for EDM lovers!

Here are our top rising artists of 2018! 


10. Whipped Cream 

Dark bass producer Whipped Cream has been making waves thus far in 2018. This bold genre breaking artist has toured with former Flosstradamus member YehMe2 in the fall of this year and has been on the road since the beginning of December hitting cities like San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles and more! Her most recent releases on BigBeat Records "Bad for Me" and "Luv" have caught the attention of dance music fans all around the world. These releases have charted on some of dance music's most popular playlists! Oh and we can't forget that summer satisfying "Humble" edit [Skrillex remix] that was one of the most popular dropped tracks at festivals this year! I guess you can say we are whipped by Whipped Cream!



9. G Jones

Underground experimental electronic producer is rising to circuits that isn't so underground anymore! With his album, "The Ineffable Truth," G Jones was noted to have produced one the best electronic pieces of the year by Billboard Dance. Reddit fans supported this OG artist that has been making glitches in the experimental scene in his early days. This artist sold out the Belasco venue in Los Angeles and is now making noise in the more popular scheme of things! Electronic fans are now "Understanding the Possibility" of this grand movement.



8. Taska Black 

Bitbird (San Holo's Records Label) has recruited a gem when signing melodic future bass producer Taska Black. With numerous singles and the addition of great singers to top his tracks like Nevve in "Losing Our Minds" has earned this artist a spot in 2018. His other tracks released this year "In Your Eyes," "What We Never Do," and "Forever," Taska Black has captured die hard San Holo fans with his emotional melodies and soothing productions.



7. Quix

Quix has been quick in earning his spot on top in the dance music scene! From his first major collab with Boombox Cartel "Supernatural" Quix  continues to push great songs and is not stopping! His collaboration with Vincent, "Hero," has proven trap fans that Quix is no one to ignore in the heavy hitting scene. Quix has been surprising fans in 2018 with his Illusions EP. He has played at major festivals like Coachella and Audiotistic. Where will you catch him next?



6. Troyboi

One of traps OG bois, Troyboi, takes on 2018 by storm with his new releases and continuous sold out headlining shows this year. He caught an interview with Travis Mill on Beats1 Radio to discuss his journey into music and what he plans to pursue next. He released his Vibez 2 album and a recent single collaboration with Slumberjack "Solid" this year and it's SOLID! He's also done some amazing official remixes for artists like Keys N Krates, Destructo, and Billie Eilish! You know there is nothing stopping this BOI!  Troyboi's sound is very minimal but still comes out with a BANG!




Kayzo really did adopt more PUPS and Chikens to the DOGHOUSE in 2018. This star has had great success with his hit song "Wake up" in 2017 but took it to the next level with his official Papa Roach "Last Resort" remix. He also brought out Papa Roache's singer, Jacoby Shaddix, to perform with him live at Lollapalooza. Kayzo's Overload album is what really won the hearts of both dance and pop punk fans! Kayzo sold out every show on his tour and even launched his own label "Welcome Recs," which has released tracks like "Blow Out" from Gammer, his own "Fake Fake Fake" with singer xo sad, and "Wasted Space" with the band Underoath. Who will Kayzo bring to the Doghouse in 2018?



4. Ekali

Ekali has been making moves since we've heard his official remixes for Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop," "Gemini" by WhatSoNot, and "Mind" by Jack U. This trap and melodic bass artist signed to OWSLA last summer. He released eclectic content including a collaboration with ZHU "Blame" that has millions of streams and released his Crystal Eyes EP in relation with his tour. Ekali has played major festivals like EDC, Hard Summer, and Coachella. Wonder what he'll bring us next year!



3. Fisher

We definitely were LOSING IT when Fisher and Chris Lake dropped their show dates for LA happening early next year. This song is one of the biggest dance hits with millions of streams, there is nothing to be KIDDING about when witnessing this massive house DJ rise to the top in 2018. This house DJ even got recognition from one of the most boring yet interesting men in the game of the global industry, Elon musk, who shared a tweet that positively recognized his track to be insanely good! "Losing It" has also been nominated for a grammy for dance music's best song of the year! Will Fisher take home the gold?



2. Virtual Self 

There is nothing artificial about the success of Porter Robinson's alias project, Virtual Self. The transition of anime electronica to a virtual retro cross over was nothing but "Angel Voices" to hardcore Porter Robinson fans. Although Virtual Self has dropped him album in late 2017, his fan base activity skyrocketed in 2018. Virtual Self also released "Angel Voices" a mix of hard techno, uplifting melodic bass, yet a banger with heavy hitting sections of track. His music is beyond what words could explain! Virtual Self also had his songs remix by Raito; new upcoming artist that was his supporting act during the Virtual Self's tour. We've got to witness a legendary artist at the peak of his era!



1. 1788-L 

At last but nowhere near least, 1788-L earns the number one spot on our list! This experimental electro bass artist was recognized in many areas of EDM. He was known to be in the top 10 EDM artists of the year by Billboard Dance, best upcoming artist by Dancing Astronaut, and remains as artist to watch in 2019 by YourEDM. With solely his debut show at Brownies and Lemonade back in July, 1788-L is breaking barriers and isn't taking any breaks! This artist in on a PULSAR BEAM and going at an extreme IMPULSE and FULLBURST with his hits. His collaboration with our very own space mom"Hex" with REZZ was nominated to be one of the best EDM tracks of the year! Wow!



iEDM Honorable Mention - Deathpact

As an honorable mention, iEDM wants to talk little bit about Deathpact. This artist may or may not have been on your radar, maybe not just yet. Deathpact is definitely our top choice for artist to watch in 2019! With minimal support from labels, Deathpact had a big collaboration with REZZ with their single "Life and Death." Deathpact was charted on multiple playlists and has been gaining massive traction from REZZ fans! Keep a look out for this anonymous producer in 2019.



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