10 Gifts For The Raver In Your Life

10 Gifts For The Raver In Your Life
| December 11, 2016

It may only be the beginning of December, but it's crunch-time, people. The holidays are approaching, which means that you gotta start thinking about holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Now, it's safe to say that all of us fellow ravers have an acquired taste when it comes to gifts. I mean, we definitely wouldn't want an Ariana Grande CD in our stocking this year (no judgement if you're into that on the low) or a pair of cowboy boots sitting by the Hanukkah menorah. So stop the search for the perfect gift for the raver in your life because there is no need to look further- we've got you covered this holiday season.

We don't see a White Christmas in the near future, we see an LED Christmas. And oh, no need to thank us for making you the best gift-giver this year, that's just what we do:


1) Infinite Bass Tank Top

Even though it isn't tank top season just yet, you can never go wrong with getting them a graphic tank! And if that fellow raver in your life just so happens to be a basshead, you can't go wrong with an Infinite Bass tank- also the perfect thing to wear if you're planning on making moves to Bassnectar's NYE 360 in Alabama.


2) Gloves

It's like winter gloves, but with a twist. Whether the gloves are for a gloving veteran or for someone who has been wanting to learn, LED gloves are a solid gift choice for the holidays. You can even change the color settings to some festive Christmas colors to really get the holiday spirit going when you put those fancy fingers to work.


3) Kaleidoscope Glasses

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, then this is the way to go. These awesome kaleidoscope specs will blow away anyone who puts them on, and alter reality as they know it right before their very eyes. Trippy stuff, man.


4) Space Whip

Honestly, space whips are super underrated and are an accessory that are a lot of fun to dance and groove with. Once you put a space whip in your hand, you will be able to mesmerize everyone around you with intricate colors and patterns and be a total trendsetter!


5) Bodysuit

If you're trying to find the most ~slay~ get-up for the special lady in your life this holiday season, then you can't go wrong with a bodysuit. There's nothing more refreshing than a man that further encourages his woman to be the most slay she can possibly be, and this metallic bodysuit will just do the trick. Couples who slay together, stay together.


6) Fluffies

"IT'S SO FLUUUUFFFYYYYYY!" No but seriously, how cute are these fluffies. Another perfect stocking stuffer idea! And they'll be the cherry on top to any outfit you get for the raver in yo life.


7) Poi

Nesting along with the other talents in the rave community such as shuffling and gloving, spinning poi is one that takes some skill (to be honest, I feel like I'd totally hit myself in the face if I even attempted this). But once you get the hang of it and start spinning in sync to some awesome jams, you're golden- and if you gift someone poi, then your gift-giving skills will be talked about for many holiday seasons to come.


8) Orbit

Now if you're choosing gifts for someone like me: not the most skilled raver in the group and kinda sorta MAYBE accident prone, then orbits are the definite move. It's all in the wrist when it comes to orbits, and you'll find yourself to be an orbit master in no time!


9) Light-Up Fur

Winter festival season is upon us people, and with winter fest season comes winter fashion. Unfortunately, we can't just run around in bodysuits and tutus anymore because it's a bit nippy outside! So I guarantee that if you decide to gift someone some gorgeous light-up fur, that you will just win in all aspects of life. Take this from me, because I would literally sob if someone got me this jacket.


10) Ugly Christmas Sweater

Also a viable option for winter festival season, it can double as the ideal ugly Christmas sweater for this year's classic "Ugly Christmas Sweater" office party. It's a win-win here, people.

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