10 Highlights from Freaky Deaky 2018

| November 02, 2018

Costumes, Spooky sets, Production, and just like that Freaky Deaky came and conquered this past weekend. This was the first year Freaky Deaky was held in Houston Texas and it definitely brought together a bunch of freaks in their best spooky costumes.

Ravers from all over walked through the gates of Freaky Deaky with excitement gleaming from smiles, and sprinting off to one of the four stages to catch their favorite DJ while others yelled and searched for other members of their squad.

All the ravers in attendance can agree that DJ Snake, Adventure Club, Zomboy, Chris Lake and many more artists did their very best to make this festival out of this world. Everyone went wild and had no fear in dancing the evening away as their favorite DJs dropped their best hits.

There were so many good things that made Freaky Deaky unforgettable and here are 10 highlights that made it unforgettable.


10. The Food

    Photo Credit: @getfreakydeaky


Food is always essential in every festival and Freaky Deaky had plenty of options to please every raver. From hamburgers to delicious authentic Mexican food, noodles to die for and those smoothies that brought you back to life. 



9. Excision

EPIC is one word to describe Excision's set. Throughout the crowd, you could see the loyal headbangers going ham with their squads. Fans came, threw up their X's and definitely went out with a bang leaving their marks at Freaky Deaky. Hope you had no fear while making your way into the crowd. 



8. The Vibes

 Photo Credit: @getfreakydeaky


The vibes at this festival were on point. Starting with rave moms standing outside the venue spraying sunscreen on ravers, people looking out for each other, and those lifesavers who had those big fans in the middle of the crowd. Houston brought out the best vibes of Texas and all surroundings.




7. The Costumes 

 Photo Credit: @Ratchet_julio


A girl dressed as Rezz, a guy with a full LED costume, zombies and many more added that perfect Halloween touch to this festival. Ravers really outdid themselves this past weekend going the extra mile with that perfect costume, whether it was a squad theme, couple or just a solo raver. 



6.  J. Worra

Photo Credit: @chaviiiiiiiiii


The perfect smile, personality, and the set that J. Worra brought to Freaky Deaky had everyone thrilled after her performance. This tech house producer had every soul at the rising stage dancing like no one was looking.



5. Justin Jay Set

 Photo Credit: @chaviiiiiiiiii


Man oh man! Let's talk about Justin Jay's set. This set that literally had every human being at the rising stage grooving their afternoon away. The charisma that Justin brings to stage is so contagious, it will fill up your soul of happiness.



4. Porter Robinson Set

Porter had every raver speaking the same language throughout his performance. The shrine stage did justice with all the screens as Porter delighted all his fans with his one of a kind visuals. You could spot every raver starring at the visuals while hugging the person next to them. A memorable set for sure.


3. Say My Name

A set very energetic, filled with old and new music in genders like hip-hop and hardstyle creating HardTrap really. It literally felt a combination of those all in one. Say My Name had everyone moving and I mean EVERYONE or yelling "OMG, HELL YEA!"



2. The Production

I have to give it to the Freaky Deaky team on the good job they did with the production. The stages were phenomenal, plenty of screens for us ravers to enjoy our favorites DJ's visuals. Fire and a few fireworks that had every raver in AWE. 



1. Kasade Set

   Photo Credit: @markowensphoto


"Houston don't you ever change," Kaskade tweeted a few hours after his Freaky Deaky set. The man himself never fails to put on an amazing set. From bringing out the old to dropping the new, Kaskade had everyone on a rollercoaster of emotions. Kaskade's Freaky Deaky set had lots of people in tears and singing their hearts out while others shuffled to the sound of the beat. Southwest massive showed up in force!


A big special shout out to Disco Donnie and the Freaky Deaky team for going above and beyond on their duty. While there was still a little mud here and there, ravers were still able to enjoy the festival to the fullest.



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Cris Chavez

Cris Chavez

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His favorite festivals are Middlelands, EDC, Ultra and Dancefestopia.

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