10 Outfit Must-Haves For Ultra 2020

| March 04, 2019

Miami's new location is premiering this year and it's time to start preparing for what we anticipate to be one of the best EDM festivals this year.

Ultra is known for being extravagant and over-the-top, and there is no question that the Miami festival will be pulling out all the stops for its new location at Virginia Key Park.

Miami Music Week is an entire week long with multiple events too, so you'll need to bring all those rave outfit essentials. 

We want you to have the time of your life at UMF 2020, so we've compiled a list of 10 must-have's for this year's edition of Ultra.

Ranging from eyewear to accessories and clothing, this is your comprehensive packing guide for Ultra. 



10. Black Kaleidoscope Glasses

There are many rave staples out there, but you can never go wrong with our best selling Black Kaleidoscope Glasses. These glasses pack all of the fractured visuals of kaleidoscope lenses without the bulk of goggles. Perfect for guys and girls, these glasses match every face shape and will provide mind-melting visuals. These lightweight glasses provide the best of both worlds and will transform the lights and lasers at Ultra into something beyond your imagination.

See light shows in an entirely new way, and get yourself a pair of Black Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE




9. Haunting My Dreams Tank Top

A throwback to the golden 90's, our Haunting My Dreams tank top is a nostalgic design for any Pokemon fan. This tank top is at once artsy and abstract, a perfect addition to any raver wardrobe. Proudly rep your love for Pokemon at Ultra, I guarantee you'll find other like-minded ravers who love Pokemon just as much. And the simple monochromatic color scheme elevates this artsy shirt into an elegant abstract piece.

Purchase your Haunting My Dreams Tank Top HERE



8. Hydration Backpack

Hydration is important no matter where you are, but especially at Ultra, it is essential to stay hydrated. A hydration backpack is the easiest way to keep your body cool and hydrated without having to leave the crowd to find a water station. Click HERE to read up on why hydration packs are so important at festivals! 

Pictured above on the left is the Clear Mini Hydration Backpack (Available HERE) which features a glitzy and glamorous design that fits right into the Ultra vibe. 

On the right is the Hippie Trip Hydration Backpack (Available HERE) which holds a whopping 2 liters of water. 



7. Owl Medicine Crop Top

Fun, colorful and it glows in the dark, our Owl Language design is one of our bestsellers. The crop design will keep you cool during that warm Miami weekend spent dancing the day away under the sun. The bright colors and white pattern will glow under the Ultra lights. 

Purchase your Owl Language Crop Top HERE. 



6. Pixel Pro LED Glasses

Our Pixel Pro LED Glasses are the hottest rave wear accessory out right now. With over 350 modes, these LED frames will light up any color combo you can dream at night. With a rechargeable battery, these sunglasses are a must-have for Ultra and can be worn day all festival long. 

Get your Pixel Pro LED Glasses HERE or they are also available as Goggles HERE



5. Dreamstate Weekend Shorts

There's no denying that Miami is hot and when you're spending all your time outdoors with other ravers, dancing the day away, you want to make sure that you dress cool. Our Dreamstate Weekend Shorts brings one of our trippiest designs into a cool and comfortable shorts design. The monochromatic palette and  the fractal designs make these shorts a wonderfully complex addition to your Ultra wardrobe.

Grab your Dreamstate Shorts HERE.  



4. Attuned Plush Blanket

Blankets are always a good thing to bring to festivals, and the a blanket provides a soft and comfy place to sit and rest between sets. Spread out on the grass or use for shade, blankets are a must-have at festivals. With its soft colors and artsy design, the Attuned Plush Blanket will draw eyes from all over Ultra no matter where you sit to rest.  

Check out the Attuned Plush Blanket HERE or check out all the other colorful Blankets HERE



3. Lace Up Bodysuit

These fan-favorite bodysuit is perfect for your next rave. Utilizing a sleek design with lace up accents, this rainbow bodysuit will match any accessories that you pair with them. Perfect for dancing the night away, this outfit will keep you cool and comfortable. The glitzy look fits in with the sleek Miami vibe and you'll be the envy of the festival in this bestselling design. 

Buy your Lace Up Bodysuit HERE and check out the rest of our Rave Rompers HERE



2. Light Up LED Shoes

Flow art is an integral part of the EDM community, and we provide some great options for all light show artists out there. Our LED shoes are one of our favorites for shufflers and dancers, providing a light up experience for your sick moves. When the lights go down at Ultra, your shoes will light up the night and leave lasting impressions on all those lucky enough to get a show from you. 

Check out all the options for LED Shoes HERE



1. Dazzling Dimension Bandana 

Personally, my festival must-have is a bandanna. These useful accessories do everything from hiding your bass face during an Excision set (guilty), to keeping the sweat out of your eyes. Especially in sweltering Miami, a bandanna will be a must-have and this celestial bandanna features one of our most popular designs: Dazzling Dimensions. This spacey design will add a pop of color to your outfit and will perform double duty keeping you clean and covered. 

Grab your Dazzling Dimension Bandana HERE.


Ultra is getting close and it's time to start planning out your festival look. Check out our Festival Season Collection HERE for inspiration and head over to our Eyewear Collection HERE for our best picks to protect your eyes from the Miami sun! 


Check out the specially curated Ultra Collection HERE for top festival picks for your Miami Music Week celebrations.   


Check out What To Wear To Ultra Music Festival 2019 HERE for more inspirations! 


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