10 Outfits & Accessories for La Playa (Burning Man)

| August 14, 2016

Every year thousands of people gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to build the temporary Black Rock City.  Burning Man is a spiritual event that is life changing and offers some of the greatest art and music. It's an event with no central focus but to explore different aspects of community and self expression. 

The multi-day festival is under the scorching heat and Burners need to dress accordingly both under the sun and moonlit desert sky. Here's some of the top 10 clothing accessories you'll need if you're making the journey. 

10. Faux Fur

A faux fur shrug or jacket by J Valentine is the perfect piece to complete a look that will keep you styling and warm on those cold desert nights. Put the hood up to keep the sand at bay while looking your finest. 

9. Goggles

The last thing you want in your eyes is sand. There are bound to be dust storms at Burning Man. It's best to stay equipped with goggles that provide protection that are functional and fashionable. 

8. Huboptic Light Up Masks 

Huboptic Masks are great for both the day and night. It's functional in the day time to keep out dust, and at night a great way to start the party. Sound reactive LED's will keep you in rhythm with the beat all night. They look futuristic and are a fun unique party accessory.

7. Artistic Designs

Make a statement by wearing art. A truly inspiring collection by a great artist Abbey Aura will have you connected with your native spirit animal. Owl Medicine will set you right through the Burning Man. This is a perfect outfit for the day in a tank or at night in a hoodie. 

6. Packs & Satchels 

Burning Man is a huge event and as your stomp around, you will need to a place to carry your necessities. Stay prepared through the days and nights with a Navajo inspired fanny pack that also allows you to keep the party going everywhere you go with its built in portable speakers. If you want to make a statement, a light-up faux fur woobie satchel is the way to go.

5. Glow Flow Toys

Half the fun is starting it yourself. Nowhere is that more evident than Burning Man. Pick up some glow poi balls and feel your flow. And even if you've never played with poi before, tons of flow artists attend Burning Man so this is the perfect place to learn from others.

4. Fashion Romper 

There's no way to better connect with the universe than to wear it. The galaxy romper is sleek and styling way to show off those celestial waves. Rompers are definitely a fashion statement out on the playa. You can stand out in a day to night romper that lights up at night.

3. Booty Shorts 

Keep it poppin' in some shorts that show you came here to play. Be comfortable in the the desert heat all while being fashionable. It's all about feeling good and looking good.

2. Vibrant Shorts 

Show all your fellow Burners where your existence is at. Another dance with the cosmic waves with comfortable shorts is a great way to stay fresh and ready. We have tons of styles to choose from and the trippier the better.

1. Galactic Hoodies

They don't just wear those robes in the desert for no reason. It can get cold at night and layers are your friend. Blend in with the nighttime sky with the worm hole hoodie or worm hole zip up bound to take you through space. 

Burning Man Collection

Burning Man is an experience in every seekers life they need to attend. It's something different than the usual round of music festivals. It's a place where it all comes together to be experienced with like-minded people in a new profound way. Check out our entire collection to keep our iEDM attendees looking and feeling their best. 

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