10 Tapestries to Light Up Your Decor

| January 09, 2018

Rave attire is known for being bright, flashy, fun and quirky. But rave styles don't have to be limited to what you wear to events and festivals. We believe in wearing art, but we also believe in being surrounded by it.

Surround yourself with hi-res designs by decorating your space with a tapestry. iEDM's collection of bestselling tapestries are here to bring some rave color into your bedroom, dorm, apartment, or house. These tapestries are sublimated printed and display the most vibrant colors possible. 

Available in some of our most popular designs (and a bunch of new ones too!), these ten tapestries are some of our favorites and will light up any room you put them in. 


1. Chai Tapestry



The Chai Tapestry is cute and quirky, with a panda smoking a hookah on a simple white background. The true beauty of this tapestry is the artsy smoke cloud above the panda's head. The large smoke cloud is rendered in a lovely watercolor style that brings a bright splash of color to an otherwise simple tapestry. One of the newest additions to our Animal Kingdom Collection, this tapestry is perfect for animal lovers and ravers alike. Designed by watercolor painter Marc Allante, we have transformed this piece into a tapestry that will add flare to any room. Marc Allante told us in an iEDM interview that Chai was his favorite piece



2. On One Tapestry 



One of our favorite abstract designs, our On One Tapestry has a unique design of brilliantly colored lines that spiral into a mysterious dark background. This bestselling design is available in a variety of styles, including a bandanna, hoodie, crop top, sweatshirt, weekend shorts, blanket and tank top. You can represent this design on your back or on a wall, show your rave style everywhere you go. 



3. Flower Of Life Tapestry



Complex and brilliantly colorful, our Flower of Life Tapestry features intricate fractal patterns throughout both the flower and blue and purple background. This vibey design is also available in many clothing styles: a bandanna, cozy joggers, hoodie, crop top, blanket and t-shirt. Trippy, vibey and fun, this design is a sure must-have for your festival season collection. 



4. Ripple in Space Tapestry



Beautifully colorful and serene, the Ripple in Space design is one of our favorites from our celestial Space Vibes Collection. Featuring a rippled body of water with a watercolor galactic sky above it. This tranquil design is one of our favorites and is available in a wide variety of clothing styles. Check out the Ripple in Space booty shorts, plush blanket and crop top for a beautiful spacey vibe that is sure to please. 



5. African Sun Tapestry



One of our newest additions to our Mother Nature Collection, the African Sun Tapestry features a warm color palette of reds, golds and oranges to bring a sunset-like look to this stunning tapestry, With a black silhouette of a safari tree in front of the brightly colored sky, this tapestry will take you out into the wild. Like the Lion King look? Check out our Mufasa's Glory Tank and our Meditating Rafiki Tank for more Lion King inspired looks. 



6. Pour Deux Tapestry



Beautifully colorful and artsy, the Pour Deux Tapestry looks like something out of an art museum. Featuring a wide array of colors in a dripping paint style, the eye is drawn to the center of the tapestry which features a happy silhouetted couple under an umbrella, protected from the rain of colors. The Pour Deux design is one of our newest and our best, it'll bring color and artistry to your bedroom wall. 



7. The Messenger Tapestry



The Messenger design is one of our original classic designs and this fan favorite has now been made into a tapestry form. The Messenger design features an understated color palette combined with a highly intricate fractal design. The Messenger has always been one of the staples of our Scared Geometry Collection and this tapestry will bring sophisticated color and design to your bedroom walls. Check out this bestselling design in a series of other styles by clicking HERE



8. Galactic Valley Tapestry 



One of our most popular and bestselling designs ever, our Galactic Valley tapestry brings the familiar and artsy Galactic Valley design to your bedroom walls. Featuring dark silhouetted trees overlooking a celestial night sky, this hugely popular design can also be worn to festivals. Check out the hoodie, tank topleggings, hoodie dress, joggers, crop top, sweatshirt, bandanna and zip-up hoodie for a look that can't be beat. 



9. Radial Roots Tapestry 



Artsy, imaginative and creative, the Radial Roots Tapestry features one of our newest designs, an upward view of an artistic tree silhouetted against a bright green leafy background. This design would not look out of place in a picture frame and the large and highly detailed tapestry will be just what you need to add a splash of color and design to your home. Check out one of our newest designs now available in a hoodie, blanket and zip-up-hoodie



10. Imaginary Friend Tapestry 



Borrowing inspiration from one of the most beloved childhood comics, our Imaginary Friend Tapestry features the tiger Hobbes from the popular comic Calvin and Hobbes. A throwback to the golden 90's, this tapestry will remind you of the kid at heart and will always encourage you to use your imagination. This throwback design is also available in a stylish hoodie dress and a plush blanket. 


Tapestries are great for your walls or to take to your next camping festival. Check out the full collection of Tapestries HERE and find something to bring life, color and style to your walls. 

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