5 Reasons Why TomorrowWorld is Going to Be The Best Festival of the Year

| September 07, 2015

Despite still being in its infancy, the three year old TomorrowWorld is already one of the most highly anticipated and trusted EDM festivals out there. Held in the hills of Georgia, USA, the Tomorrowland influenced celebration is the perfect opportunity to get away and spend some time in nature among your favorite DJ’s.

Since it’s right around the corner, let’s go down the list as to why this year’s TomorrowWorld has us buzzing, eagerly X-ing the dates off of our calendars as we approach closer to September 25th.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Tomorrowworld is Probably Going to Be the Best Festival of the year...


5. Sibling Rivalry

Despite still riding the high of the success of TomorrowLand, I still get giddy with excitement when pondering on how Tommorowworld is going to one-up it.

Tomorrowland was a hit. If you caught our recap of the festival, then you know it set the bar for the rest of 2015’s big shows. The thing is we still have its spin-off festival - the Georgia-based Tomorrowworld - to look forward to. You have to imagine that it will not be outdone by big brother Tomorrowland. That means bigger stages, bigger audiences and more fireworks and impressive light displays.


4. It Stimulates the Economy

Yeah, you’re reading that right: it stimulates the economy. While state representatives misplace priorities and attempt to shut down festivals in their hometowns, states like Georgia are reaping the benefits of housing festivals like Tomorrowworld.

Turns out flocking 160,000 members of the EDM Family to one centralized location can have long reaching positive outcomes. Between lodging, transportation and other amenities necessary for a person to get by in Georgia, the 2014 Tomorrowworld created $72 million in new economic activity and $4.7 in state and local taxes.

In a statement to Forbes, Tomorrowworld project director commented on the the stimulus saying “These numbers are a humbling reminder that our work has a significant impact to our local community and home.”

So remember as you’re raving (and spending!) that you’re helping out, too.



3.Stage Presence

We already mentioned how we just know that Tomorrowworld will engage in a game of one-upsmanship with Tomorrowland. But, its six brand new stages really ups the hype to the next level. Said to highlight the theme of this year’s festival “The Key to Happiness” we can only imagine what kind of beauty the main stages are going to unlock.



2. The VIP Package Comes with a Butler

What could possibly make Tomorrowworld better? Feeling like Bruce Wayne as you’re raving in luxury with your very own Alfred. If you’ve got the ducats for it, the $50,000 VIP experience makes you a celebrity for a weekend with a private tour bus complete with a hot tub and helping hands.



1. Every Day is Super Stacked


The three day festival doesn’t just stuff one day with all the fan favorites like some have done in the past. Instead, the recently announced day-to-day lineup gives you something that will satisfy your EDM pallet each night. Friday gives us big names like Kaskade and Tiesto,  Saturday wows with Afrojack and Bassnectar among others, and finally Sunday provides us with sets from Gramatik, David Guetta and Martin Garrix.

Make sure to ration out your energy responsibly, because Tomorrowworld is bound to be the all-time EDM endurance test!

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