Lightning In A Bottle's Epic Line Up Features Lane 8, 1788-L, Disclosure + More

| February 21, 2019

Lightning in a Bottle is one of the many festival that is most anticipate year round. for more indie electronic fans. The DoLab is hosting one of the biggest kickback festivals of the year which is now located at Buena Vista Aquatic recreational center.

At LIB, you can catch many talented singers, producers, and loads of art! LIB natives state that the event is such a free spirit festival and fans feel free at LIB more than ever!

This year's line up at LIB has some insane talent including producers like Lane 8, 1788-L, Disclosure and so much more!

LIB has also booked incredible singers like Elohim, Chanel Tres, Santigold just to name a few! We at iEDM are excited to experience such a visceral experience!

With three epic stages including; Lightening, Thunder, and Woogie, LIB has got us hyped for this May!

LIB is more than just a music festival, but a home for many that share the same core principles of life such as sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and who are on a mission in creating an environment for the extraordinary. 


LIB isn't just well-known for their epic line ups, but also for their offered experiences including, learning culture, interactive activities, beautiful art instillations, meditation practices, and so much more!

This camping festival also includes kid zones for LIB families and teens. Other learning and cultural experiences include over 150 talks and discussions topics to open dialogue among festival goers. There are hosted workshops that include subjects of medicine trades up to sacred healing relationships practices, exercise and health activities with body workers and healers, food and wellness on how one could be flexible in the kitchen, and educational and cultural offerings to gain a better understanding of global cultures around the world. 

Interactivity is reinforced at LIB with their incredibly fun and hands-on practices. LIB in recognized for "The Grand Antique," which is a center filled with heavy hitting music but also acts as a trading post for goods that festival goers can participate in. Other activities include sit down dinners, environmentally friendly activities, and fun fitness activities.  

Love art? Well LIB is a festival focused on art appreciation. Lightening in a Bottle will also be hosting live painting and art-walks  creative workshops and art classes, art instillations presentations, and performance art.  

Feel the movement at Lightening in a Bottle with their relaxing yoga sessions, meditation exercises, and dance activities. LIB strongly believes in health and wellness and allows you to experience these enriching activities with many other LIB goers!



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Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

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