EDM Sub-Genre 101 For New Ravers

| January 30, 2019

Dubstep. Trap. Midtempo Bass. Trance. Big room. WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN???!!!

We'll we've got you covered here on iEDM. There are many artist out there playing  festivals the year and there's so many different sub-genres to learn in so little time to figure it out. That's what we are here for! Here is the ultimate guide to help you get  to know your EDM sub-genres! These are some of the most known EDM sub-genres you'll be listening to at your future festivals. 

Note: There are more sub genres out there. We choose the most popular ones for now.


10. Techno

For all you old school ravers, this music genre this music may be the most appealing to you Born in Detroit during the 1970s, Techno was a hypnotic form of electronic music that continues to evolve today. It's structure it repetitive kicks and an ongoing baseline. Disco edits and European synth-pop came about to new the new wave. Artists like Kraftwerk, Carl Cox, ,and Aphex, are known are known to be some of the  major influencers. Techno is a four the floor beat with a steady groove and no drop, but yet still keeps the dance floor vibing. The most recent artist in techno scene that you may of heard of are Black Gummy,  i_o,, and No Mana. Want to experience all of Techno? Check out The Secret Project!

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9. House

It's all about that house music! House music has made a MAJOR come back in 2018 since Fisher's release "Losing it." House music is an OG edm genre that has been around since the time dance music was born. Some legends in house music are Frankie Knuckles and Danny Tenaglia. New house producers include Chris Lake, Solardo, and Michael Bibi.. If you want the house music experience, check out the boutique festival we love Dirtybird Campout!

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8. Trance

Trance has a similarity to techno within it's age. Trance is meant to have euphoric synths and and dreamy arps. Yet there are variations of trance ,such as uplifting and psytrance. Some legends in trance music are Armin Van Burren, Tiesto (before he started making electro house) and Paul Van Dyke. Some more modern trance producers are Ben Nicky, Luke Bond, and Vini Vici. If you want to experience a state of trance then check out Dreamstate!

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7. Big Room

If you loved Martin Garrix, Alesso, or Zedd as a teenager, then don't lie you were a fan of Big Room. Big room dance became most popular from 2012-2014 and yet still continues to grow. Big room is said to be the most popular subgenre of dance music around the globe. Popular tracks like "Animals' by Martin Garrix and "Power" by Hardwell were some of big room's biggest anthems. Big room is structured with big drops, wide synths, and a jumpy baseline. Want to catch the largest big room festival? Make sure to experience Tomorrowland at least once In your life !



6. Midtempo Bass

One of the most recently emerged genres that have emerged. From artist like Rezz, Whipped Cream, 1788-L getting noticed from this scene, it's definitely an acquired taste, but also very big! Midtempp bass music is a form of evolved dubstep and has been more popular in the new and upcoming artist like Pax Omera, Slooze, and Peekaboo. You can find some midtempo bass artist at Wobbleland!

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5. Future Bass

The lovey dovey genre has been a face front of dance music. From artists like VIRTU, Illenium, and ENZO, future bass continues to pop off if you're trying ot get into your feels. Artists like AU5, San Holo, and NGHTMRE were one of the pioneers to evolve this sound of future bass. This euphoric layered synth with light drum beats was a festival hit in edm for some time. New artist in future bass include Kaivon, Kasbo, and Taska Black.



 4. Hardstyle 

Do you like fast speed upbeat tracks? Hardstyle the genre for you. It consists of catch melodies with distorted kicks. This fun genre originated from Europe and it's roots came from other hardcore. Hardstyle then transitioned to hard dance for newer artists. This genre has taken it's place in America to festival brands like Basscon and was given it's own stage name -  Wasteland. Some artist to watch are  LNY TNZ, Junkie Kid, and Angerfist. Want to experience more Hardstyle?Check out a mix and interview from Defqon1 HERE !

3. Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass may be one of the most intense but also confusing sounds of dance music. It's roots originate from the hardcore rave scene from London in the early 1990s. This genre is a blend of dark noises and a mix of more sinister sounds with breakbeat hits. This type of EDM is a form of cluttered reggae/dancehall, sub-bass with sped-up breakbeats. Overtime sounds from other musical influences were adopted in drum n bass like jazz and soul. Some artist include Moody Good, Signal, and Noisia.



2. Dubstep

Dubstep is one of the most recognized sub-genres of EDM. It is characterized by it’s aggressive pace, tense buildups, and huge dynamic drops. You'll often see moshpits at dubstep shows. Dubstep is a collection of heavy growls and raging beats. Some dubstep artists include Zomboy, Excision, and Skrillex. Looking for more dubstep events ? Check out Bassrush Massive



1. Trap

Trap was one of of the most poppin EDM from 2012 and beyond. It's popularity came up from using Hiphop trap style beats and joining them with dance music components. Trap consists of hiphop high hats, fat 808 subs, and hip hop vocal predrops (sometimes). EDM trap is noted to be a ratchet party starter loved by many. Trap worked well with the twerk era of music. Some trap artist include RL Grime, Flosstradamus, UZ, and Herobust.  You can find these party animals in a variety of festivals!


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