Here's What You Missed At Wobbleland San Francisco

| January 22, 2019

If you were in the Bay this weekend we hope that you had an amazing time as we did!

Wobbleland San Francisco for sure made us want to return to the Bill Graham Auditorium! This past weekend we've experienced some of the heaviest sets that SF has ever seen.

This bass head convention reached our expectations in production, live performances, and rave vibe. Thank you SF for having us!

Here are iEDM's highlights to catch you up if you missed out. 


10. G-Rex B2B Hydraulix

G-Rex has brought bass heads a new version of heavy hitting music in 2019. And if you caught his set at Wobbleland you must've gotten a taste of what new heavy experimental music is only yet to come. G-Rex is widely known for using horse samples before he hits fans with those odd wonky bass sine waves. If this set made you feel awkwardly amazing, G-Rex and Hydraulix is one set you'll remember. 



9. HE$H B2B Bommer

These best buds made a B2B from the Gravdancer event in Los Angeles to taking the side stage in SF at Wobbleland. This dynamic duo packed out the side stage day two and threw down a perfect mix of gruesome bass stabs and frightful riddim hits, HE$H B2B Bommer was what everyman was expecting and more.



8. BadKlaat 

BadKlaat was BAD ASS!!! Light show consisted of demonic visuals along with his raging stomping beats down the crowd in the festival. BadKlaat dropped heavy hitting tracks from artists like Hekler, Sudden Death, Kompany and much more. BadKlaat performance was definitely a main act set of the weekend! We did see fans "push those m**** f****s to the ground!"



7. ATliens 

Anonymous pair ATLiens threw a show no one expected! This pair of experimental bass and dubstep dropped their dark wonky tracks like IMMA, Interstellar, and more. ATliens set was a mix of high experimental music and hard hitting brostep. If you're in the LA area February 2nd, these awesome artists will be headlining Academy LA. You can find ticket to their show HERE.

Check out the iEDM Exclusive Interview with ATLiens HERE



6. Svdden Death 

Special guest Svdden Death took the main stage opening his set with a banger with tracks from VOYD. Svdden Death played a set full go his VIPs, dank edits, and of course the Svdden Death anthem, Behemoth! This set had fans shaking the rails and oh yeah F*** AFK!



5. Zeke Beats B2B Champagne Drip 

Have you ever seen a DJ scratch over dubstep bangers? We'll then, at your next festival you should check out Zeke Beats & Champagne Drip! The boys combination of slimy and edgy sound design and DJ scratching, Zeke Beats brought back the real  DJing back to festivals. If you're ready to listen to some throwback Djing with your favorite bangers, catch this set at your next show!



4. Gammer 

King of Happy Hardcore brought us home this weekend at Wobbleland Festival! Gammer played classic's like "Party Don't Stop," my personal favorite and everyone roared when he dropped one of his most famous tracks " The Drop!" Gammer played a perfect set at a 50/50 blend of happy hardcore and dubstep. Gammer even threw down his flip of "Zombie" by Ran-D and gave us a treat of his  his own ID with Nitti Gritti so keep a look out for that in the near future!



3. Kompany B2B TYNAN

Kompany and TYNAN played an early set day 2 but their performance did not feel like an early set at all. These best buds have dropped a massive amount of ID's including their own ID collabs. These goof balls trolled the crowd in the best of ways with chants, switched drops, and a few joke edits. They definitely turned up the heat for the rest of the night. iEDM had the chance to interview these boys after their set. Check back here on iEDM On Blast next week January 28th to check these DJ's funniest stories and most helpful producer tips!



2. Doctor P B2B Funtcase B2B Cookie Monsta

This major B2B2B hit home for all of bass heads. No one knew what expect from the three musketeer show. This was one of our favorites form day 1! Doctor P, Funtcase, and Cookie Monsta dropped so much filth is was nothing to take lightly! Each producer dropped their own choice of dirty drops and made the crowd go crazy ! We also heard some unreleased heat that we'll keep a look out for!   



1. Zomboy 

This legend closed out the festival and we believe it was the best way to end the weekend! Zomboy lit up the night and played his most recent tracks released on NeverSayDie and also his unreleased ID he has with DJ Snake. Zomboy felt like home to all bass heads and this dubstep icon was a perfect way to head home from Wobbleland SF!



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Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

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You may catch her behind the decks as she's also a music producer in the making crafting her sound at Icon Collective. Outside of the EDM life, Ash has other specialties that keep her going. You may run into her skating on the beach, kickboxing at the gym, or reading books on how to improve your life. Some of her favorite acts in dance music are Seven Lions, Kompany, i_o, Wax Motif, and Drezo.

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