iEDM’s Top 10 Best Rave And Festival Accessories Of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close and the holiday season ensues, the iEDM team has chosen the top 10 best accessories of the year. Whether you are in need of new eyewear, warm festival clothing, or gift ideas, iEDM is the best place to start.

Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Best Accessories of 2023 below.


10) Alien Pattern Bandana Mask

The Alien Pattern Bandana Mask is a bestseller due to the adorable neon alien print. The neon colors on a black base make this accessory easy to mix and match with any outfit.

This pattern on any accessory would be a wonderful addition to a look for a space-themed festival such as Countdown NYE.

Check out the Alien Pattern Bandana Mask HERE!


9) Purple Haze Hooded Blanket

Purple Haze Hooded Blanket

Since Winter is quickly approaching, many festival goers will soon experience long outdoor festivals in chilly weather or rain. A hooded blanket is one of the best choices for keeping warm and cozy in sub-par weather conditions.

They are available in a collection of patterns, which makes them a great and personal gift for any friend with Winter festival plans.

Check out the Purple Haze Hooded Blanket HERE!




8) Dragonfly Black Bucket Hat 

Dragonfly Black Bucket Hat

The Dragonfly Black Bucket Hat is a fan favorite for some rather obvious reasons. The style and comfort of wearing a bucket hat make for an extremely popular accessory, especially among the bass music community.

This particular pattern is subtle in coloration but displays the most intriguing X-ray rendition of a dragonfly.

Check out the Dragonfly Black Bucket Hat HERE!


7) Pixel Pro LED Glasses

Pixel Pro LED Glasses

The Pixel Pro LED Glasses are the most eye-catching option for festival eyewear; maximizing comfort, portability, eye protection, and LED sophistication. The glasses are joined by a USB-rechargeable battery and remote to control the 350 customizable modes and 14 brightness levels.

An additional battery pack will come in handy for those who attend festivals from beginning to end or camping festivals where power outlets are less accessible. With the customizable nature of this accessory, it makes the perfect addition to an outfit for an event of any genre.

Check out the Pixel Pro LED Glasses HERE!

Pixel Pro LED Goggles courtesy of @edmcupid_ on Instagram.


6) Foxadelic II Beach Throw

Foxadelic II Beach Throw

Beach throws are another lightweight and functional accessory that comes in handy during several situations throughout a festival. Whether you need to clean up, warm up, or sit down, a beach throw will aid your needs. This particular throw is a favorite due to its bright colors and captivating pattern– guaranteed to be enjoyed by any animal-lover.

Check out the Foxadelic II Beach Throw HERE!




5) Magic Mushrooms Rave Scarf

Magic Mushrooms Rave Scarf

iEDM’s new collection of rave scarves (or pashminas) is the perfect gift for any raver in your life. The utility of a scarf paired with fun patterns makes them a must-have in any festival wardrobe.

The Magic Mushrooms Rave Scarf features a rainbow assortment of cute and funky mushrooms atop a black base, which is a great match to a range of outfits and styles.

Check out the Magic Mushrooms Rave Scarf HERE!


4) MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses have always been a special experience that can increase the intensity of the visual production at your favorite set.

The oversized square shape of the MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses is a unique, disco-reminiscent style that would look great with any outfit, especially in photos. These can be prime holiday gifts or personal accessories to share with friends.

Check out the MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!


Photo courtesy of @erikaandfrida and @glofx on Instagram.


3) 10 Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

10 Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

Gloves are a staple within the flow artist community. If you are looking to pick up a new hobby that your friends will love, gloving is the optimal option.

Glow Factory’s premium line of gloves offers a variety of light settings, colors, and customizability, allowing the flow artist to make a selection based on personal preference and experience level.

Check out the 10 Light Premier Assorted Glove Set HERE!


2) LZR Laser Gloves- Multi Color

LZR Laser Gloves- Multi Color

The LZR Laser Gloves are one of the coolest light toys on the market. Similarly to more common flow gloves, these are equipped with lights on each finger. However, the typical LED lights are replaced with lasers that make them appear as if they belong in a science fiction movie.

As a precaution, be sure to check venue rules before bringing these to any event, as lasers are frequently included on prohibited items lists.

Check out the LZR Laser Gloves HERE!


1) 3-LED Ion Orbit

3-LED Ion Orbit

If you are looking for a portable yet mesmerizing flow toy to bring to festivals and shows, the 3-LED Ion Orbit is a fantastic choice.

The skill is relatively easy to build, and the Glow Factory orbits come in a range of colors and light options available on iEDM. These also make a great gift for fellow dance music fans who enjoy giving or receiving light shows.

Check out the 3-LED Ion Orbit HERE!


Photos courtesy of iEDM.


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| January 14, 2024
Paije Kantor


Native to Long Beach, California, Paije has been in love with dance music since childhood, which blossomed into a love for its community and events later on. Over time, she has become a dedicated fan of all EDM subgenres, with a special affinity for industrial and melodic techno, dubstep and riddim, electro house and trance, and DnB.

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