iEDM's Spotlight Sessions: Tracks For November 2016

iEDM's Spotlight Sessions: Tracks For November 2016
| November 28, 2016

Can you guys believe that it's already November? I myself am still in a state of disbelief at how quickly this year has gone by and the fact that 2017 is right around the corner.

Some of you might be experiencing weird sensations of bittersweet happiness, relief or anxiousness over the fact that the year is almost over- so why not experience this medley of crippling emotions while in the company of some good music?

Yes, that hunch of yours is correct; that means there's a new installment of "Spotlight Sessions" packed with freshly baked tunes released this past month from the finest artists in the game, and the genre's always vary just so we can keep you guys musically well-rounded and on your toes. 

Enjoy this month's selects:


1) 'Say It' (Anna Lunoe Remix) - Flume ft. Tove Lo

What happened when one Aussie decided to remix another Aussie? A funky lil' tune with a MASSIVE drop. Off of his latest album Skin, Flume's 'Say It' is a track that has been dominating the charts and everyone's playlists over the past several months, and you can't help but get those Tove Lo vocals stuck in your head.

But just when you thought a remix of this track couldn't possibly be better than the original, wonder-woman aka Anna Lunoe decides to sweep in and be like "WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG." Luney's take on the track still encompasses that signature Flume sound and catchiness that everyone loves about the song, but she throws in a drop that'll send chills all over your arms and get your body groovin'.


2) 'Let's Get It' - Flux Pavilion 

Flux Pavilion is notorious for knowing how to throw down the filthiest, heaviest dubstep in the game. So dubstep lovers, rejoice- because that ID you've heard so many times during festival sets has finally been released.

Out now on Flux's very own imprint co-founded along with Doctor P, Simon Swan and Earl Falconer, 'Let's Get It' sets the vibe that makes you wanna do some "hoodrat shit with your hoodrat friends." This entire track is sinister and grimy down to the very core, and is packed with a bass that will leave you wide-eyed.


3) 'Cold Skin' - Seven Lions & Echos

Who do we call when we need someone to properly hit us RIGHT in the feels? Seven Lions. 2016 has been a massive year for Seven Lions, considering the massive success of his 'The Journey' tour and the release of his album, Creation. This man knows how to produce some beautiful, otherworldly music, and seeing him live is an experience unlike any other.

Released on label Monstercat, 'Cold Skin', in collaboration with Echos, will warm your insides in a beautifully sad way. When I initially heard this song, my eyes literally welled up with tears. Echos chilling and meaningful vocals pull at your heartstrings perfectly, and the piano key assortment fused with glistening synths will just uplift your soul. 


4) 'Seeds' (Sam Pauli Remix) - Sam Goku

This techno tune is one that was found deep in the depths of SoundCloud, and quite possibly might be one of the finest techno treats I've ever come across.

UK DJ and producer Sam Pauli has established this new wave of unique tech-house that takes you on more of an emotional journey, rather than the dark and sinister ones we're used to taking with some other hard-hitting techno gems. The melodic progressions in Pauli's take on Sam Goku's 'Seeds' will leave you hypnotized, while those drum kicks can't help but make you bop your head around.


5) 'Sad Machine' (k?d Remix) - Porter Robinson

I remember back in my September edition of Spotlight Sessions, I featured k?d's track 'Birth Of The Universe' and referred to him as "the love child of Porter Robinson and Flume." Now, this love child has decided to remix one of his musical doppelganger's, Porter Robinson, and put his unique, one-of-a-kind twist on a Porter classic.

'Sad Machine' is one of those songs that's borderline impossible to remix because it's that perfect and just shouldn't be touched- kind of like a pretty painting. But once I heard this remix, I've never taken back a statement I've said so quickly. Don't get me wrong, 'Sad Machine' is timeless, but this future bass remix of it is a whole other level of euphoric. He incorporates this scratchy kind of sound into the melody that really works perfectly for it- and oh man, that 2nd drop.. just f*ck me UP, fam. I truly cannot wait to sit back and watch k?d's massive rise to success- he deserves it.

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