iEDM's Spotlight Sessions: Tracks For July 2016

iEDM's Spotlight Sessions | Tracks For July 2016
| July 27, 2016

Guess what music lovers! We at iEDM are starting a new monthly series where we select 5 tracks a month that we feel deserve some major recognition. Essentially, we're gonna be showing you some FLAME new music on a monthly basis.

The tracks are gonna be from a medley of genres- dubstep, trap, trance, future bass, techno, tech house, electro house, you name it- and are gonna be from all sorts of artists, both big name and underground.

So let's kick off iEDM's Spotlight Sessions with the tracks for July 2016:


1) 'Only 1' - The Ashton Shuffle feat. Nathaniel Lewis 

This Australia-native house music duo just released their phenomenal new track 'Only 1' on The Magician's imprint "Potion." With support from artists like A-Track, Chris Lake and The Magician himself, this track has already been on replay by the masses, and for good reason. It's heartfelt vocals, infectious melody, and energetic classic-house vibe will make it a staple "feel-good, dance around your bedroom" tune.


2) 'Party Drink Smoke'- Doctor P & Flux Pavilion feat. Jarren Benton

Racking up over 1 million plays on SoundCloud and counting, there is not one person out there that doesn't lose their minds when this track comes on. There's something SO grimy about this killer Doctor P and Flux Pavilion song that makes it a must-have in your music collection. The bass gods are alive and well when it comes to this classic riddim track and how can they not be when it comes to Doctor P and Flux?


3) 'Don't Clock Me Out'- 909 Til Infinity

Tech house fans, rejoice! This quirky, bouncy, straight-up FUNKY track comes from the duo of Option4 and MANIK, also known as 909 Til Infinity. Dirtybird lovers, we already know that you're gonna love this one. You can't help but get super groovy when this comes on; with its glitchy scratches and deep bass line, you'll find yourself hitting replay numerous times. And this is just one of the tracks off of the duo's debut EP.


4) 'Understand'- Stranger & Jamie Prado

Brace yourselves, this one's about to hit you straight in the feels. These two guys stem from LA and specialize in the styles of deep house, house and breaks. 'Understand' is a gorgeous, deep house tune, with sweet-like-honey vocals, piano chords and chill melody that is bound to leave your arms covered in goosebumps. Whether you're driving into the sunset or staring out of a window as it rains, and low-key pretending you're in a music video, this track will set the mood and speak straight to your heart. "You don't understand" how much we love this track.


5) 'Set It Off'- Laxo

If you're a fan of Flume, What So Not and dreamy sounds, then prepare to have your soul be fed by this brilliant future bass track. If you don't know who Laxo is, then now is the time to make yourself well aware of this hidden gem of a producer. Racking up only over a thousand followers on SoundCloud, this LA producer is super diverse in his sound, and his talent goes to show through his music, especially in 'Set It Off,' where it's gorgeous build-up and wavy vibe will leave you entranced.

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