Illenium's "Awake" Is iEDM's Favorite Electronic Album of 2017

| December 27, 2017

It is very rare for the EDM world to unanimously agree on something. People are contentious about artists, genres, festivals and more. Most of the time, the only thing we can all agree upon is that we love the music.

However, if people from all over the EDM spectrum agree that an album is one of the best of the year, then you know that the album is really damn good. And that is the case with Illenium's Awake album, which dropped in late September of this year.

Awake has stunned the EDM world and everyone from headbangers to trap heads to trance children fell in love with the melodic bass stunner.

iEDM took a look at this album that's taken 2017 by storm and wanted to provide our own review of Nick Miller's latest accomplishment. 


Part 1: The Album

Awake was released in late September of this year and as an album, features 13 soaring emotive tracks. Click HERE for a full track list and lyrics. Five of the tracks from Awake were released before the initial album and "Feel Good," "Sound of Walking Away," "Crawl Outta Love," "Beautiful Creatures" and "Leaving" were teased in many of Illenium's sets, from his fantastic EDC debut to his wobbly Shambhala set to his mainstage Electric Zoo show.

After the official release of the album, Illenium played his Awake tracks in many of his sets and crowds from the hard and heavy headbangers at Lost Lands to the Halloween party animals at Escape lauded the new tracks. With the incredible acclaim that Awake received, it was impossible for Illenium not to announce a tour.

Part 2: The Tour

The Awake tour kicked off in Illenium's current hometown of Colorado and saw 24 sold out shows.

In fact, almost the entire second half of the tour was sold out as Illenium and the rest of the Awake crew stopped over in New York, LA, Chicago and more. Joining Illenium on his album tour were Dabin, Echoes (in select cities) and his good friend and frequent collaborator, Said the Sky. (Check out our exclusive interview with Said the Sky HERE.)

The show featured incredible live performances, and true to the style of Awake itself, the show told a story which was experienced by thousands in cities across the United States. 

I had a chance to experience the show when the Awake crew stopped over in New York City for a show that had sold out months in advance.

3,000 people braved a snowstorm to head over to Terminal 5 in Manhattan for Awake. I have personally been to many shows at Terminal 5 and have seen shows from artists all over the EDM spectrum, from RL Grime's epic nova tour to Gareth Emery's Laserface to Axwell ^ Ingrosso, What So Not and more.

However, this was the first time that there was a line for doors, before 8:00 (for reference, Dabin came on at 9, Said the Sky at 10:15 and Illenium at 11:30). 

Dabin, Said the Sky and Illenium all had their own individual sets, in which all three incorporated a great deal of live instruments, with Dabin on guitar, Said the Sky playing piano and Illenium on drum pads.

All three artists performed their own tracks and remixes, weaving a tapestry of melodic bass and emotive tracks that enchanted the crowd from start to finish.

The cusp of the show (for me at least) was watching all three artists perform together onstage flanked by massive taiko drums and hearing 3,000 people sing along to Beautiful Creatures. I got chills and it wasn't because of the snow. 

The Awake crew have done something incredibly special with this tour. Huge shout out to Illenium, Said the Sky, Dabin, Echoes and everyone else who worked on the Awake tour.

This project was nothing short of amazing and you've touched the hearts of thousands of people all around the United States. Thank you for the incredible music and the memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you haven't already, check out Awake HERE and stay up to date with more EDM News HERE on iEDM. 

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Lindsay Moriyama

Lindsey Moriyama

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