[INTERVIEW] Gettoblaster Discusses Alien On Mushrooms Records, New Releases, + Performance at Groove Cruise to Cabo 2022

| November 07, 2022

From the minds of Paul Anthony and Zach Bletz, Gettoblaster is a techno-house hybrid duo that is redefining the boundaries of the electronic dance music scene. Molded by the Chicago and Detroit underground scenes, these artists fuse their production expertise and musical influences together to forge a truly tastemaking style referred to as "ghetto house" and "ghetto techno". Gettoblaster blends penetrating drums, catchy hooks, and groovy basslines to captivate their audience.

With a historic list of house heaters, Gettoblaster has been supported by the likes of Dom Dolla, Patrick Topping, Diplo, Claptone, and other renowned artists. Additionally, the pair has dropped tracks on prominent record labels, such as Dirtybird, Dim Mak, Glasgow Underground, Blackbook Records, and many more. On top of their incredible sound design, Gettoblaster is constantly burning up the dance floor from behind the decks at prime festivals like Dirtybird CampINN, Sunset Music Festival, and Imagine Festival to name a few. 


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Gettoblaster below.


iEDM: How did you two first meet and what made you come together to create Gettoblaster?

Gettoblaster: We both met long before Gettoblaster. I (Paul) had been a touring DJ years prior to starting this project. Zach was a promoter in the Michigan area, and had been booking me for events in the early 2000’s. So we had been friends for a long time. 
As children we both listened to our music on portable radios which had names like, boom box, or Ghettoblaster. So we thought it would be clever to use Ghettoblaster without the "H". 


iEDM: Zach, how did growing up in Detroit influence your passion for music, and which artists did you look up to as a kid?

Gettoblaster: Growing up in the Detroit scene I was going to warehouse parties at an early age. The DJs who had the biggest influence on me were, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, and Jeff Mills. 




iEDM: Paul, what first sparked your interest in the Chicago house scene? What was your most memorable music-related experience throughout your childhood?

Gettoblaster: I found out my neighbor was one of the first generation house music producers and DJs. His name was Mickey Mixin Oliver from the original Hot Mix Five. We all listened to the radio. It inspired me to want to be a DJ.


iEDM: How do you play to each other’s strengths in regard to producing and DJing? What is the most important knowledge or skill each of you has learned from the other?

Gettoblaster: We both grew up in our surroundings, Zach “techno” and Paul “house” . This transformed into Zach “ghetto tech” and Paul “ghetto house”. Combining the sounds we both heard in our area, we helped shape what you are hearing now. If you dig into that you will easily hear our sound.


iEDM: With all the amazing music you have released over the years, is there a reason that your debut album We Jack is your only album? How has your perspective on the music industry, specifically house and techno, changed since this project?

Gettoblaster: To be completely honest the sound that we are cultivating hasn’t changed one bit since we started this project. We Jack was the name of our warehouse parties we were throwing, which later became our album name, then a record label.




iEDM: Out of your entire discography, which tracks pushed you the farthest out of your comfort zone and why?

Gettoblaster: Last year we had two. The first one turned out to be our biggest record of our career so far, which was “ H O U S E” featuring Missy. It was a big room piano house track. We don’t tend to make music like this often, so this one was a little different than the rest. The second one was a remix we did for “Peking Duck” it was a little more commercial than we usually do.  Both were incredible experiences.


iEDM: What inspired the launch of your new label Aliens On Mushrooms? What qualities make an artist or song a good match for the label?

Gettoblaster: Our Aliens On Mushrooms label is designed for a more worldly sound. We have also made this a lifestyle brand and a party, hosting events in Detroit, San Diego, and Grand Rapids. In the upcoming year, we have our eyes set on doing events in Miami, Amsterdam, and a few other cities. possibly catering stages in a couple other locations.




iEDM: What are your favorite mixing techniques to spice things up in each Aliens On Mushrooms radio mix? How do you crate-dig/identify tracks that you want to include in your mixes?

Gettoblaster: The radio show has been an opportunity for us to dig deeper in the crates. It’s fun because the goal of the weekly mixes is to keep people updated with what we have coming up with releases, tour dates, and anything else. On the music side, we are usually promoting new or upcoming music, as well as our favorite records. Additionally, we dig into our classic bag. I (Paul) come from the “mixtape” era so I like curating a mix that really tells a story. It’s fun because you don’t have an audience in front of you. I feel less compelled to read the audience as I’m playing.


iEDM: Your latest release on Too Many Rules features two songs, “Festival Horns” and “Cantina De Brazil”. How did you shape the bassline around the horns in “Festival Horns” or vice-versa?  What was the process behind creating the optimal balance between the Latin vocals and percussive elements in “Cantina De Brazil”? Why do you think these tracks go well together?  

Gettoblaster: Both tunes have Latin percussion in them. We specifically wrote them with Latin percussion as the key element. “Festival Horns” is a hybrid of Latin drums and repetitive horn stabs. It is loud and in your face, meant for big room and festival play. The tracks represent Yin & Yang in this release because “Cantina De Brazil” is more laid back and groovy. In both tunes, once the idea and top lines were written, we wrote the bass line to go with the rest of the music.




iEDM: What is the most vital thing you have learned from working with other artists? Which artists would you love to collab with in the future and why?

Gettoblaster: It’s always fun to collab with other people. You get a chance to not sound like all your other tunes. There's a little flavor stemming from both artists. As far as who we would like to work with, that’s easy, Kanye West. He recently played one of our tunes while doing an event with Tsha. The video has gone viral. Figure if he is playing our tunes, let’s work. 




iEDM: What surprises can you hint at for your upcoming set at Groove Cruise to Cabo?

Gettoblaster: We are playing three sets, lots of new unreleased Gettoblaster Music, and each set on the cruise will be different. They are going be ones for the books. We have been working on these for a while and are very stoked to show you all.


iEDM: What are your biggest goals for the rest of 2022?

Gettoblaster: Our biggest goal is to decide on an album name. In January we are releasing a full length album. Right now we are getting ready to drop the promotion on it, so it has to be a special name. 


Photos courtesy of Gettoblaster


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