[INTERVIEW] Kazukii Dives Into His New Collaborative Single 'haunted', Working With Øneheart, + More

Kazukii, haunted

| September 26, 2023

Based in the musical hub of California, the innovative artist, known as Kazukii, has forged everything from ambient to future garage to indie pop. His unique blend of genre and musical influences has set him apart as a trailblazer in today's sonic landscape.

We linked up with Kazukii to chat about his newest anthem “haunted”, working with fellow producer Øneheart, and more!

Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Kazukii below.


iEDM: What inspired the title “haunted” for your latest single, and how does it intertwine with the song's themes? 

Kazukii: For me, the vocal we ended up chopping up and using is what initially inspired the title! Its significance to me resonated more later on as we worked on the song.


iEDM: What sonic element are you most drawn to in “haunted”? What do you love about Monstercat Silk’s visualizer and how does it embody the vibe of “haunted”?

Kazukii:  I am most drawn to the use of vocals throughout the song, they play into the atmosphere really well in my opinion. I love how surreal Monstercat’s visualizer looks for “haunted”! It feels like little fragments of a memory, all coming and going, matching the feeling of “haunted”.

iEDM: Both you and Øneheart have different interpretations of the meaning behind “haunted”. Can you elaborate on your personal connection to the track?

Kazukii: To me, the song reminded me of someone I used to know and be close with. Even though time has passed and we don’t talk now, I still find myself thinking of them off and on, sometimes positively and sometimes not. I think Øneheart and I’s meanings of the song both are centered around are own memories.


iEDM: How do you feel “haunted” differs from your previous collaboration, “restless”, on the basis of musical style and emotional depth?

Kazukii: “haunted” definitely has a much softer feeling to it. It is also a lot slower than “restless” was, and has a more driving ‘4 on the floor’ type beat, instead of the future-garage-type drum beat “restless” had. Additionally, “haunted” feels more uplifting and not as dark as “restless”.


iEDM: How do you approach translating complex emotions and experiences into your music? What advice would you give to other producers in your space on how to accomplish this?

Kazukii: A lot of the time, the most personal music I have made comes out fast and without too much time spent on the technical sides of things. I try to just get what I am feeling translated into some kind of idea first, then I can always clean that up later if I need to.

I think the most important thing is to let those emotions come out naturally and not try to force anything!


iEDM: What do you hope listeners take away from “haunted”, in terms of introspection and the message behind it?

Kazukii: I hope that people can listen to “haunted” and either have it help them deal with something they are struggling with, or help them remember a better time.


iEDM: Monstercat Silk's vision seems to align with your purpose as an artist. Could you explain what drew you to this label and its philosophy?

Kazukii: I have been a fan of Monstercat overall since I was maybe 16? So being a part of Silk with these last two releases has been a really awesome experience! I love the Silk catalog and the feelings so many of the tracks manage to put across.  


iEDM: “restless” has been described as a song that reflects loneliness and is reminiscent of your older work. Could you delve deeper into the emotions behind this track? How did you create this atmosphere of loneliness through sound?

Kazukii: “restless” definitely has a sense of loneliness to it. We managed to achieve that kind of atmosphere by letting there be a lot of space to the song. The vocals being drenched in reverb helped with that all too. 

iEDM: What have been your favorite components in regard to collaborating with Øneheart and Monstercat Silk so far?

Kazukii: My favorite part of working with Øneheart is how naturally stuff seems to come together when we work on something! Working with Monstercat Silk has also been a very welcoming experience.


iEDM: How do you manage the pressures of success while staying true to your artistic vision?

Kazukii: I take frequent breaks and trying not to think too much about “success” overall. These are both good practices of how I manage any pressure.


iEDM: What do you consider your most significant highlight or achievement in your music career to date, and why?

Kazukii: The first time I was able to pay my bills through what I made off of music was one of the most significant moments for me. I have had a lot of hard times and being able to see that doing what I loved the most could potentially help me take care of myself like that, was such a good feeling. 


iEDM: Your music spans various genres, from ambient to future garage. What drives your experimentation with different styles? What genre have you yet to experiment with that you would like to next, and why?

Kazukii: I honestly just like to try to make whatever comes to mind, or whatever I have been listening to and been inspired by! I want to try to make some Drum and Bass sometime soon. 

iEDM: As an artist, what message or impact do you aspire to leave on your audience and the music industry as a whole?

Kazukii: I just hope to make people feel something from the music I make. Whether it helps them heal from something they have gone through, or even just helps them relax.


iEDM: What can we expect from your upcoming collaborations and projects? Will you and Øneheart be working together again soon?

Kazukii: I have got a few releases set with other labels that will come out in the next few months. I also have quite a few collaborations and solo releases I am really excited for!

I would love to work with Øneheart again sometime soon, it is always a great time!




Photos courtesy of Kazukii.


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