[INTERVIEW] Vintage Culture Dives Into His New Single, 'Come Come,' Vintage Is A Festival, His Upcoming Debut Album, + More

Vintage Culture, Come Come, Interview

| November 17, 2023

The Brazilian house and techno maestro Vintage Culture is back at it again, this time seamlessly weaving his sonic magic into “Come Come.” The anthem is a melodic fusion of powerful beats and Kyle Pearce's heartfelt vocals, all crafted in collaboration with German duo Tube & Berger. We sat down with the international sensation to unravel the intricacies behind this track and get an exclusive peek into his upcoming debut album.

Hailing from the quaint municipality of Mundo Novo, Vintage Culture's journey from local acclaim to global stardom is an inspiring tale. This chat not only delves into the musical nuances of “Come Come” but also explores the highlights of his extraordinary 2023, from a residency at Hï Ibiza to the triumph of Vintage Is A Festival. Get ready to groove to the beats and wisdom of Vintage Culture as he shares the ins and outs of his project.

Check out our exclusive interview with Vintage Culture below.


iEDM: Can you share the story behind the creation of “Come Come” and how the collaboration with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce came about?

Vintage Culture: “Come Come” was born from a spirit of collaboration and creativity. I was inspired by the energy and atmosphere of Ibiza. I wanted to capture that feeling and infuse it into our track “Come Come.” I believe we have created a powerful sonic experience.

The collaboration with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce came about very organically. We are mutual fans of each other’s work. I believed blending our sounds would be a musically interesting combination of styles. Kyle Pearce is a talented vocalist with a wide vocal range. I knew that his lyrics would add an essential layer of emotion to the song.

iEDM: It only takes one listen to come to the conclusion that “Come Come” is an uptempo progressive house heater! What inspired the energetic and powerful sonic atmosphere of this track?

Vintage Culture: “Come Come” grabs the audience's attention on the first note of the song. We used solid melodies and driving rhythms to create a sense of momentum in the instrumental. This musical momentum is combined with a sense of quiet desperation which is a common thread through my music.

Beneath the surface, there is always a sense of urgency to my songs. Even in my more quiet tracks, you will find there is an edge to the music. 


iEDM: The lyrics by Kyle Pearce in “Come Come” are truly heartfelt. How did you work together to bring out this emotional element in the song? In what ways do the vocals and instrumental create a sense of balance?

Vintage Culture: Kyle Pearce's lyrics are about longing and desire. These are passionate lyrics with emotional depth. I think they perfectly capture the feeling of wanting something so badly that you are willing to do anything to achieve it… something just out of reach. The vocals and instrumental create a delicate balance by working together to tell the story of the song.


iEDM: What personal connection do you have to the lyrics in this track? From your perspective, what is the message behind them, or the story that is being told?

Vintage Culture: I can connect to the lyrics of “Come Come” on a personal level. I have worked long and hard for my success. I can relate to the feeling of yearning to achieve my goals.

Everyone can relate to these feelings at some point in their life. The message behind the lyrics is that it's okay to strive and work hard for something more... it's okay to chase your dreams.


iEDM: Tube & Berger has had a substantial impact on the deep house genre. What was it like collaborating with them on “Come Come,” and how did their experience shape the track?

Vintage Culture: It was a pleasure to collaborate with Tube & Berger on “Come Come.” They are talented producers. We inspired each other during the process. Our experiences helped shape the sonic landscape of the track. I believe our work together has created a track with depth and sophistication. 

iEDM: “Come Come” features hair-raising strings and dark synth drops. Could you tell us about the production process and the key elements that you are drawn to when listening to it?

Vintage Culture: The production process and creativity surrounding “Come Come” was invigorating. The ideas flowed between the artists freely. While we were in different cities we sent each other updates and creative ideas. I also experimented with a variety of sounds and musical textures until I found the perfect combination.

I am particularly drawn to the dark overtones of the track. They add a degree of drama and intensity to the song. I believe this compliments the performance of the vocals. 


iEDM: This single is part of your highly anticipated debut album. What can fans expect from the album in terms of style and themes? Can you give us some insights into the concept and title of your upcoming debut album, and “Come Come” fits into its narrative?

Vintage Culture: My debut album will be a culmination of everything I have learned and experienced as an artist and a person who has grown up in public. I began making music while still in my teens. In a way, the album is about this journey with all its ups and downs.

It is almost euphoric to hear the album transform into one cohesive body of work. Curating this powerful sonic experience is a challenge and also very satisfying. “Come Come” fits perfectly into the narrative of the album.

This is a track that celebrates perseverance within an album whose central theme is about achieving goals and striving to reach a place of peace in one’s life. We are all searching for that promised land, but too few of us find it.

Vintage CultureiEDM: What are some of the biggest challenges and successes you have experienced while working on your debut album? How did you overcome these obstacles?

Vintage Culture: Creating 16 songs that I am immensely proud of and will live with for the rest of my life is an immense challenge. I thought for a long time about the ideas that I wanted to communicate.

My goal for the album is to convey a positive message while at the same time being honest and revealing. Developing these ideas into a cohesive theme requires self-reflection.

One of the most satisfying experiences as an artist is being able to connect with people on a deeper level through my music. I have received countless messages from fans telling me that my music has helped them through difficult times or inspired them to follow their dreams.

These messages mean the world to me. I want my fans to enjoy my album on the release day… and ten years after the album’s release.


iEDM: As a Brazilian artist, how do you feel your background and experiences have influenced the music you create, especially in a global context?

Vintage Culture: Brazilian people's passion for life is instilled in my music. During my performances I want every person in the audience to have the best time of their lives. I give 100% to every performance.

My shows are extended into hours, often until the sun rises the next day. This is the passion that I have for my music. I bring this same energy to my shows around the world. 


iEDM: Can you elaborate on your residency at Hï Ibiza and the significance of your own festival, Vintage Is A Festival? How does this festival provide an unparalleled experience from other festivals?

Vintage Culture: My residency at Hï Ibiza is one of the highlights of my career. This iconic Ibiza landmark allows me to curate a unique experience for my fans each week.

This has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. I have made lifelong friends in Ibiza and the audience shares my passion for music. Ibiza has become my second home. 

Regarding my festival, Vintage Is A Festival is a celebration. A musical union with my fans. What makes Vintage Is A Festival unique is its focus on creating an immersive experience for fans. We are talking about a musical experience that extends for 12+ hours.

From my earliest tracks at the infancy of my career to the new songs that are being released this month, each phase of my career is displayed in Vintage Is A Festival.

I also bring in extraordinary talent from other areas of the arts to participate: visual artists, painters, photographers, and sculptors.  We showcase wonderful local talent who deserve recognition.

My performance at Vintage Is A Festival is extended across 3 stages, each highlighting the different periods of my career and my growth as a musician and producer. But it is more than music. My festival is about a culture we share, centered around positivity, acceptance, and inclusion. 

iEDM: What was your reaction to being awarded the world’s #1 House DJ by DJ Mag, and landing at the #10 spot overall? What does this achievement mean to you?

Vintage Culture: For so many, DJ Magazine is still the Bible of electronic music. Growing up, I would read issues of DJ Mag cover to cover. I was flattered and humbled to be awarded the world's #1 House DJ by DJ Mag. It is an incredible honor, and it means a lot to me that fans around the world voted for me.

For many people who love electronic music, I am still considered a new artist in Europe or North America. To have them welcome me with open arms is a special honor. 

iEDM: You have a series of exciting tour dates coming up, including stops in Vancouver, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Brooklyn, and Boston. Can you hint at what fans can expect from your live performances on these dates?

Vintage Culture: I am excited about my upcoming North American tour. I will be showcasing my latest tracks as well as unreleased material exclusively for these fans. Audiences will be the first to hear the new songs I have been recording.

Each show is unique and every night I bring my best efforts to create an atmosphere that positively affects the audience. From Vancouver to Brooklyn, my goal is to create unforgettable moments that resonate in every city.


iEDM: You have proved to be one of the kings of the extended set. If you could perform a 6-hour set anywhere in the world, regardless of logistics, where would you play and why?

Vintage Culture: That's very complimentary, thank you. If I had to choose one place in the world, I would be remiss to not say my homeland – Brazil. The warmth of the Brazilian people and the natural beauty of the country stay with me as I travel around the world.

This beautiful country is where everything began for me. I treasure the fans and every experience throughout my career in Brazil. 


iEDM: Whether it pertains to your music career or not, what vision and objectives do you have for yourself over the next five years? How do you aim to turn these into reality?

Vintage Culture: What you have seen or heard is only the prelude to what the future will bring. I have only touched the surface of my music production.  Each day, I am developing as a songwriter and music producer.

The last few years have been a period of immense artistic growth. I have certainly entered the next phase of my career. Reaching my goals is a combination of hard work, a loyal team supporting my creative decisions, and relentless efforts.

Never giving up is the key to success. My goal is to create a lasting impact. I want to leave a legacy of great music. 




Photos courtesy of Vintage Culture and Tube & Berger.


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