Light Up Your NYE Outfit With These Glow Accessories

| November 29, 2018

Are you ready to be the light of the night this New Year's Eve? There is no brighter way to spend new years holiday with anything other than our Glow Factory collection.

From awesome light up accessories such as gloves, glasses, space whips, even fur hoods, we have the perfect party accessories to brighten up your outfit. Whether you are attending Decadence or making it the south for some Bassnectar, we will light up your NYE celebration. 

How will you find the light at the end of the tunnel this year? Countdown your favorites accessories here are 10 must have glow accessories for this New Years Eve celebration.


1. Luminescence Sunglasses


Are you a fan of the wayfair style? Well we have the perfect glasses just for you! Our wayfair glasses have your choice of a color changing feature or a sound activated color scheme. You can customize your frame with your favorite color choice luminescent wire.




2. Space Whip Pro Shielded Fiber


Glow up your next event with the Space Whip. With our most professionally engineered fiber optic technology, this LED prop has various diffused FX with up to 34 color changing schemes, you’ll be the life of the party all night long.




3. GloFx Team Glove Set: Spearmint


This glow FX kit comes with two gloves that light right at your fingertips. These microlights change in various colors to suit any theme and rave of your choice. Our gloves are made of the best quality that will make your next event even more mesmerizing.




4. Heart Shape Luminescence Kaleidoscope Glasses


Love the Kaleidoscope Glasses? Why not true out our new heart-shaped Kaleidoscope Glasses? With its stylish and flat black design, these heart shape glasses will make you fall in love all over again.




5. Black Light Bow Tie


Want to dress for the occasion while being the occasion? There is nothing like pulling up with your classy fit top to your next event like our black light bow tie. Feel flashy and classy all in one! 




6. Blue Diamond Sound Activated Light Up Tie  


Are ties more your thing? Feel the beat of the sound while wearing the beat of the sound with our Blue Diamond sound activated light up tie.


7. GLOFX Team 8-LED Double Orbit 


Wanna put on a show at the show? Try our LED Double Orbit. With these amazing double orbit heavy duty nylon string and custom color charging orbit, These orbit will beam your color changing desire all night long.




8. Space Sabers Staff


Want a prop that would make you save the rave. With our powerful Space Sabers Staff you can do just that and more. With 36 multicolor changing colors this saber will "sabor" your rave nights.




9. Light Up Fur Animal Hood Color Changing


Want something flashy, fluffy, and cute all in one? Get your fur fix with the light up Fur Animal Hood! This color changing hood will keep your ears warm at your winter NYE rave. Be FURocious and cute with this light up hood!




10. LZR Laser Gloves  Multi Color


Let’s hit them with those laser beams! These gloves come with removable Kaleidoscope cap on each finger. These multicolor UV lasers can grant you the power to throw a personal and epic laser show for you and your friends.

For more glowing styles to light up your NYE outfit, check out the full Glow Factory HERE.



If you’re looking for stylish tops and bottoms to complete your glow fit, check those out HERE. New years season is coming up and that means so are those chilly rave nights; check out our awesome hoodie collection HERE.



Not sure which New Years Eve EDM event you're attending yet? Check out the Top 10 NYE EDM Festivals of 2019  HERE. Where will we find you celebrating this New Years Eve? Let us know !

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