The Generation Of Masked DJs: Is It Just A Fad?

| October 06, 2016

There’s something to be said about masked DJs. Right now we’re in the prime overkill of the masked DJ revolution. There are new DJs popping up almost everyday covering their faces. Pop Coorn is the newest out there and I’m still not sure if he’s a real deal or just another fad.

There’s the art of mystery behind a masked DJ because we’re also dying to know who they are. It definitely has its benefits for the artist because they get all the success without anyone ever knowing their true identity.

Yet there are plenty of DJs out there who wear a mask that we will swear up and down we know their identity (we’re looking at you Marshmello – or should we say dotcom?)

Daft Punk:

Masked DJs have always been popular. Arguably the most popular and well known to ever hit the scene is daft punk. Daft Punk fans go CRAZY for any sign of a Daft Punk’s return. It's pretty well-known the Daft Punk paved the way for masked DJs.

The duo still releases merch and other things but no new music has been on the horizon. Every year there is always a rumor that they are coming back seeing as they only tour every decade, we're about do for another one. For now everything is just speculation but hey, we can dream.


Joel, also known as Deadmau5, used to never be seen without his mouse head. Now its super rare to ever see him wear it. With his clear distaste for Marshmello we wonder how he feels about the masked generation as an entirety. 

He was one of the DJs to help popularize EDM and make it what it is today. So we have to give credit where credit is due. Because of this, he is easily one of the most well known DJs out there. Even if you're not deep into the EDM scene, you know who he is.

Deadmau5 is also one of the more opinionated DJs on the internet. In terms of twitter - no one is safe from him. While most festival goers try to recreate his masks for festivals, it is impossible to duplicate himself as a person.


Claptone lives everyday like he's at a masquerade. Rocking everything from the top hat to white cloves, and the infamous gold bird mask. Claptone is a mysterious character who doesn't involve himself in too much drama.

While a lot of masked DJs are popular based off of the hype that surrounds them, Claptone stays true to just him. His music speaks for itself in the same mysterious mythical way he presents himself.


Marshmello took the music scene and quickly had everyone wanting to know "everybody know me, everybody know Marshmello." He came in to the scene and developed a pretty solid following of mello-gang almost immediately.

He started by remixing songs by Jack U and Zedd and with the help of other DJs sharing his stuff, he got really popular really quickly. Unlike most other masked DJs he has never taken his head off so we don't actually know his real life identity. Although, there is speculation he will still try and throw us all off. i.e EDCLV when he revealed to be Tiesto as a huge troll.

Who knows if the masked DJ scene is just a current fad or if it will continue to grow. It's been going on for years but as of lately it's been growing at an alarming rate. There are so many it's almost impossible to compose a list with them all. Only time will tell where the generation of masked DJs will take us.


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