Moksi Shares Hidden Talents & Celebrity Crushes On iEDM Interview

| March 27, 2019
Dutch bass house duo Moksi threw down day two and we loved every second of it. From hip-hop edits to Moksi's own festival bangers, this set was one you couldn't miss last weekend at Beyond Wonderland.

These pioneers - Samir (right) & Diego (left) are best known for their blend of bass house and UK garage. They launched success in releasing bangers you probably know best like "Lights Down Low," "The Dopest," and more fan favorites released on Yellow Claw's label, Barong Family.

Moksi has made major moves in 2019 by starting their own label, Moksi Family, and we're excited to see what kind of music they'll be putting out this year!

iEDM had the opportunity to get to know these best bros on another level! We enjoyed learning more about this duo from talking music, secret talents, celebrity crushes, and favorite moments on tour. Check out what they had to say.

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iEDM: Hey Moksi How do you think your set went?

Samir: It was F****** Amazing - One thing I noticed is that the American crowd is ready for the house vibes. At the beginning when we were touring with Yellow Claw, when we would play house people weren't that into it. They want trap and bass. And all of a sudden everyone plays house.

iEDM: It's good that people are f****** with it now. Congratulations on the start of your new label MOKSI Family. Can you give is a little preview on what kinds of music will be on your label? What is a sneak peak you can give to your fans? 

Samir: It's a talent based label so we're not looking for big names unless they want to release with us. Talent for music that isn't commercial or is a "little bit too weird" and we want to present a platform for that; house, techno, all kinds of music. We have 5 EPs coming up this year.

iEDM: Awesome! Stoked to listen and can't wait! - We're gonna play a game to see how well you guys know each other. What's a fact that you know about each other that no one else knows?

Samir: Diego is really good at cycling like really good!

Diego: I grew up in it. One of my parents were good friends was good friends with Lance Armstrong and I loved it ever since. Samir, before a set he gets really serious and focused which is good; but people know him as a super chill guy but before a set he gets really into it.

Samir: Yeah before a set I gotta get focused but people really know me the other way.

Diego: But now they know!

iEDM: What is Samir's favor track of all-time? 

Diego:  uhhh Frank Ocean?

Samir: Anything from Frank Ocean is great! 

Diego: What's my favorite song?

Samir: Lane 8 "No captain." 

Diego: That track is my jam!

iEDM: Do you know Samir's celebrity crush?

Diego: Dua Lipa!

Samir: Yes I am in love with her. We actually met her at EDC.

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