Moments We've All Experienced At A Festival

Moments We've All Experienced At A Festival
| June 17, 2016

All of us in the dance music community are connected to each other through our mutual love and passion for the music, regardless of who we are or what genre we gravitate towards the most. We go to festivals and shows to see our favorite artists, get groovy with our friends, escape reality and of course, to connect with others in the community.

However, there are some classic struggles and moments (both funny and strange) that we’ve all experienced during festival season; that only somehow bring us closer together.

So we’ve decided to choose 10 of these moments that at the end of the day, we all can’t help but relate to:


1) When the festival just ended a few weeks ago and they already announce the presale tickets for next year:


I have a total of $4.00 left in my bank account (maybe, if I’m lucky) after a festival, so what makes you think I’m ready to buy tickets for next year?


2) When you accidentally get sucked into the mosh pit and your life flashes before your eyes but you’re trying to act chill:


No one ever sees it coming. The moshpit is like quicksand; once you’re in, it’s hard to get out. Throwback to when a random mosher’s elbow nailed me in the face at a Snails show... good times!


3) When an artist drops your favorite song during their set and you weren’t expecting it AT ALL:


We feel you, guy. Except with music instead of balloons, but honestly, we’d probably get this excited over balloons too.


4) When it’s day 3 and you look disheveled, can’t hear, and are on the verge of collapsing:


If you have to crawl from stage to stage or get dragged by your friends because your body no longer functions properly, you do it.


5) When the DJ trolls you and scratches out the drop right when you were expecting it to actually drop:


One of the most hilarious things is seeing everyone hyped up and ready to go insane because they know what’s about to come (or they think they do) and then the DJ is like NOPE and scratches it out, or plays something else.


6) When it’s 3 weeks after the festival and the set list still isn’t out:


No more games; we need setlists and we need them NOW! I’m not gonna throw any names out there but *cough cough* GREEN VELVET, I’m still looking for your setlist from EDCNY this year.


7) When two of your favorite artists conflict and the stages are on the opposite sides of the grounds:


Life just wants to see you suffer when this happens. Honestly, it’s moments like this when we need the Time Turner from Harry Potter. I mean, it’s 2016, we should be able to be in two places at once by now, right?


8) When you see that one couple in the crowd aggressively grinding to dubstep:


#StopGrindingToDubstep2016. Like can you guys not? And come on, wouldn’t you rather be headbanging?!


9) Walking through the festival entrance on day 1 vs. when you leave after day 3:


Post-Festival Depression is no joke. We hopelessly think, “what do I have to look forward to now?” But no worries kids, we’ll all be back next year!


10) When you look around and see how happy the crowd is, and just can’t help but smile and keep dancing:


There’s nothing like seeing pure happiness radiate from people’s faces as they dance to their favorite artists and simply get lost in the music.

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