Rave Fitness 101: How to Prep For Your Summer Festivals

| December 16, 2018

Ready to look and feel your best at your favorite summer 2019 festivals? Here are some rave fitness tips that may work for you! iEDM has some fitness and preparation suggestions to get you ready for your favorite summer fest! Here are some approaches that may help you prepare for your summer events. They  helped massive EDM fan Priscilla!

Disclosure: These are tips and suggestions for fitness and health that have been successful in an individuals fitness journey. Hyperlinks are traced to articles for validation. However, every tip may not be applicable for everyone or be to everyone's preference. These methods have been successful for Priscilla's fitness story and may apply to you as well! Photo displayed within a 6 month period.



Water is life! Keeping your body hydrated isn't only good for your physic but also for your skin, hair, digestive track, and even strengthens your immune system. Those are only a few of many benefits of water. Sometimes you may feel as if you're hungry, but it be your body telling you you're dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water before digging into your daily meals.  Daily intake of water is 64oz, but this may be a big jump to begin with. Start at 32oz then work your way up by adding 8oz each week until your body become accustomed. This will make getting your rave body journey easier and more enjoyable! Try it! Need to stay hydrated at your summer events? Check out our cool collection of hydration backpacks you can find HERE. Also find out the additional benefits of water HERE.


Incline Cardio

Trying to get that rave booty in time for Hard Summer ? Maybe you're trying to build your stamina for EDC ? Try incline cardio! Think cardio is boring ? Well it doesn't have to be! You can try activities like stair machine, incline walking, playing sports, or hiking with your rave fam! Challenging your body with incline will strengthen your quads, gluteus, and hamstrings that and can help you build a firmer rave booty! 


Intermittent Fasting 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Actually, maybe it's not. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting has several benefits such as getting fuller faster, raised metabolism, having room to enjoy high caloric meals, and even enhancing mental clarity throughout your morning. The rule of thumb with intermittent fasting is having your first meal 4-6 hours after waking. For more effective results, hitting the gym or doing some cardio during your fasting period can boost your weightless or muscle building results! What can make fasting even easier is having a cup or two of black coffee, a piece a fruit, and maybe some sparkling water towards the end of your fasting window. Check out more benefits of fasting HERE. Priscilla notes that this method has made weight loss simple, effective, and most of all - enjoyable !





Men you already know and ladies don't be afraid to hit the weight room! Women's bodies do not produce enough testosterone to make you "look big." This is a myth amongst women that has been said over and over. Instead, your body will get that toned physic you may have been longing for; along with proper macros (next item). Ladies, for the booty, try doing exercises like dumbbell forward lunges, sumo deadlifts, stairs, hip bridge holds, goblet squats, and step ups (split amongst the beginning and end of the week - Monday / Friday | 3 sets of 10-15 reps each leg ). Get that rave booty girls !


Calculating Macros 

Think getting your rave body is going to be hell? It doesn't have to be! Actually building your summer bod can be very enjoyable! By skipping breakfast you have room for two big delicious meals throughout your day. If you're interested in trying this method in calculating your macros that is right for YOUR body type and YOUR body goals, measure the following HERE.





We all know that feeling of sniffles, cough, and fatigued after a festival. It's a good idea to prepare and try to prevent that annoying post festival sickness. Vitamins can help prevent that when being exposure from dirt, other people, and numerous harmful germs. Preparing with an intake of consistent Vitamin C in your daily routine can help by boosting your immunity. This can support you immune system from getting sick from bacteria you'd can catch at the festival. Also, B12 can give you that extra energy boost that'll help you stay dancing all night. 




Rule of thumb for edm fans; Eat, SLEEP, Rave, Repeat! Make sure you don't skip step two on the agenda! Sleep is vital to keeping your immune system strong, helps in improving your workouts, enhances alertness, and allows your body to repair itself from the exhausting nights of dancing. To check out more benefits of sleep, you can find it HERE.




Want more motivation to get in shape and look and feel your best at your 2019 summer festivals? Check out Priscilla's Instagram, Twitter, and connect with her on Snapchat!(@hercreator)

"Dance music events gave me the confidence I never had growing up. Belonging to an accepting community no matter what size, gender, color (etc) is beyond amazing. But I wanted to take it to the next step in loving myself. For me that meant loving my body and staying healthy. It's changed from being a choice to becoming a lifestyle."

- Priscilla Martinez 


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