Sikdope On Music, Creativity And DJ Life In Exclusive iEDM Interview

| January 17, 2018

Heavy bass came to the island of O'ahu when the annual Winter Wonderland EDM event threw down a heavy lineup featuring Cherney, Hi I'm Ghost, Bleep Bloop, Kai Wachi, Sikdope and Snails.

The entire venue was wobbling from all the bass but between the headbanging, rail rattling and speakers vibrating.

iEDM had a chance to sit down and chat with David Kabacinski, better known by his stage moniker of Sikdope, before his set. This was David's second time in Hawaii and we had a chance to catch up with him before his hana hou set on the island. 


iEDM: So this is your second time in Hawaii, anything you’re looking forward to?

David: I’m looking forward to seeing this crowd again, you guys really know how to party. The first time I was here, it was about four or five months ago, I was playing a show with Marshmello and Ookay.

iEDM: Oh okay! I missed that show, really disappointed about that!

David: That was a really good show.

iEDM: And you went to a music school in Poland, for nine years.

David: Yes, and that was pretty much my parents’ choice, because my whole family is involved in music. My mother is a guitar teacher and she pushed me to attend music school and I don’t regret it at all.

iEDM: Do you think that background affected how you produce, or your production style?

David: Definitely, it’s so much easier for me to create melodies when you can play the piano for example. It definitely sped up my whole creation process, it’s not necessary, I know many great producers who don’t have any musical background and they still do an amazing job, but I found that it helps me out a lot.

iEDM: And you did vocals in school, I believe?

David: Yes, I did singing in some rock bands, so that’s how I started out. I actually came from a classical background and then I switched to heavier sounds, so rock and metal and I found out about electronic music around 2007 or 2008, and I’ve been doing that since then.

iEDM: Have you ever thought about using your own vocals on a track? Or is that something you’ve ever considered?

David: I actually did but I don’t talk about it much. I put out a track called Let You Go and it’s a calm trap track and I actually have my vocals on it, which some people might not know, so check the track out! I was just keeping it super low key.

iEDM: I admire that! I think if people knew it was your actual vocals on the track (and they do now!) they’d be extra inclined to check the track out. I know I will. On that topic, I really admire your genre flexibility, it says a lot about your skill as an artist.

David: I just don’t really feel that comfortable singing on tracks yet, but I’m trying.

iEDM: That’s really awesome, we look forward to that! When it comes to making music, what do you do in your creative process? Do you have a set formula that you go to? Or do you work from the build or the drop?

David: It really depends, sometimes I start with a drop, sometimes I start with a small vocal sample and just go from there, there’s no real rules that I follow. I go with what feels best at the moment. I do what I feel.

iEDM: You were touring a lot- Japan, Myanmar, Australia and more, people have a very romanticized view of what the touring life is. What are the best and hardest parts about touring and always being on the go?

David: I would say that the hardest part about traveling so much is missing your family. I haven’t been home much lately. The best part is meeting all the amazing people out there. t’s a great feeling to meet so many wonderful people around the world who appreciate your craft and appreciate your music, it’s the best feeling ever. Being a DJ has fun sides, but it also has some bad sides, like for me, missing my family. But I just love what I’m doing and I’d rather do what I’m doing now than sit in an office for eight hours.

iEDM: I think a lot of people would agree with you on that. I have to ask about the Sikdope logo, it’s adorable. What’s the story behind it?

David: I was trying to figure out something that was gonna tell people what Sikdope was all about. So we created this slogan which was “music cures” so the appeal is kind of like a medicine and music is the cure for people. It helps to deal with tough moments in life and the logo is pretty new, only two years. I know many people that have struggled a lot and music has helped them so much.

iEDM: I completely agree, I actually had a previous interview where an artist talked about that. Depression and anxiety are much more common than people realize and music is really one of the most powerful medicines that we have. Final question, do you have any projects that you’re working on or anything that you want to tell your fans?

David: I have some really great songs on the way, I’m waiting for the right moment to put them out. Be patient, I’m putting out the follow-up single for my last track Snakes, which is gonna be big. I have a couple great collabs on the way, so 2018 is gonna be huge. Stay tuned!

Thanks David for taking the time to chat with us before your set. You threw down an incredible set at Wonderland and we're looking forward to the new tracks you have coming out in 2018!

Check out David's SoundCloud for his newest music and his website to see if Sikdope will be coming to a city near you! 

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