The Art Of Music Videos Isn't Dead

| July 12, 2016

While some people haven’t watched music videos since the good ole' TRL days, artists are still spending a large sum of money producing music videos.

Some videos aren’t as creative or clever as when they first came around, others are really out to prove a point. Music videos are still an important way of opening up ours eyes and seeing the meaning behind a song while also expressing the artist’s creativity. Not everyone spends their evenings on Youtube getting sucked down the rabbit hole of watching music videos, but some of us do, often by accident.

Music videos get a bad rap for containing a bunch of half naked girls dancing around the artist to make him look good. In some cases, yes, but sometimes they tell a story and they have a message that needs to be heard.

Here are three music videos proving the art of music videos is far from dead:


Kill the Noise – Kill it 4 the Kids 

This is, hands down, one of the greatest videos that have come about in an incredibly long time. This video depicts one of the issues in our society with big business. At the start of it, all the people of Happyville are playing outside, shopping at local shops, and enjoying the universe for what it is. In the video it portrays a “Tronald Dump” who comes to town and only cares about giving the consumer cheap products. It’s no secret that our society is currently based off of cheap and fast goods instead of quality. We eat Mcdonalds, Burger King, and other fast foods because they’re easy, and they're cheap, despite the fact we know they are absolutely horrible for us. This video shows our faults and sheds light on real issues.


Marshmello – Alone


We’re all loners in some way or another, or at least have felt alone at some point. In the beginning, he is all alone with no friends and everyone is mocking him. Most artists don’t usually write descriptions for the videos but he added a personal touch. He stated how he felt truly alone when he left his family and friends behind and that’s how the song came about. Being alone can be a place for growth, in his case he discovered his love of DJing. This video gives hope for the loners that eventually we’ll also find our way. In addition to the soft squishy side, Marshmello is also currently the king of trolls. He even added the detail of a little pet mouse (or mau5) named Joel that he feeds in the beginning. The only thing he needed was some sort of Tiesto cameo for this video to be complete perfection.


Yellow Claw, Diplo & LNY TNZ – Techno


It's no secret that drug culture is associated with EDM, whether we like it or not. Instead of a video of a bunch of kids doing drugs at a festival having fun, they took the time to shed light on the issue. At the end of the video, they display the simple yet accurate message, "Drugs are not worth the risk." The video follows a girl and her father while she moves off to college. The father allows these people to come in and use his farm land to make drugs, assuming he needs the money to help pay for her college. Eventually those same pills he helped create end up in his daughters hands leading to her death. As a young girl off in a new place, she wanted to experiment with drugs, which isn't an uncommon thing. Everyone hears the death stories, but no one ever thinks it could happen to them. With our culture being so closely associated with drugs the importance of this video in particular is huge. Even the DJs who essentially lead our community want to paint a picture of what can happen to anyone.

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