Top 10 Curated Women's Rave Outfits For Festival Season 2024

| April 08, 2024

New year, new wardrobe of rave outfits! This rave season will bring waves of spectacular events and festivals to attend this year. With that being said, you will need to start putting together your fits. Be creative and do be afraid to show off that amazing personality you have in ever piece of clothing you wear this rave season.

In this article, I have combined some of my top picks of iEDM's rave wear that make my jaw drop to the floor. These designs are out of this world! I hope that you find a piece that you love as well, or even brings you inspiration when making your own unique fit. 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Curated Women's Rave Outfits For Festival Season 2024 below.


10) Lava Trip Crop Top and Leggings Combo


The title of this fierce fit says it all. Between the colors of red and orange, vibrant pigments create the illusion of lava. The lava flows through the shades of green and pink, leaving a peekaboo effect across the black holes and cracks of yellow seamlessly.

Where this with a red and orange bucket hat and a pair of black shoes to make a perfect combo, in addition to accessories. 


9) Snake In The Grass Crop Top and Neverland Booty Shorts


By no means do I love snakes but seeing this blue iridescent beauty makes me come around to like them. Across the top is a snake slithering through the wild blend of intensely colored plants.

Paired with the top is the Neverland Booty Shorts that reigns in a forest with blossoming flowers. This fit has endless creations and accessories it can go with. 


8) Magic Mushroom Rave Bra and High Waisted Booty Shorts Combo


This was definitely a biased pick due to my overwhelming love of mushrooms, but who doesn't love mushrooms? If you adore mushrooms like me or even more than me, then this is for you.

From top to bottom are clusters of mushrooms that swarm the entire pieces, leaving no space for a lack of hues. For this combo, adding in mushroom leg warmers or mush leggings with mushroom platforms would be so cute!  

Photo courtesy of @aliciamarieee95 on Instagram

7) Fontaine Crop Top and Unfolded Cosmos Booty Shorts


Spring might be saying goodbye soon but that does not mean we can't still wear beautiful flourishing flowers. Not only is this an elegant stunning top but with floral prints there is always limitless accessories you can get to make your fit or even DIY via some accessories to your liking.

A burst of green dyes cover these bottoms. Bringing these two together pairs flawlessly while still leaving the top one's center of attention.


6) Toxic Sloth Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo


Protruding from the focal point of this design is a trippy drippy sloth covered with an abundance of colors, with the staple being blue hues that take up most of the animal. This print comes in 360 design top and bottom to leave no space empty. Add in some white shoes, enabling the fit to be the center of attention.


5) Spirit Of The Lion Crop Top and Gem Setter Booty Shorts


The mixture of the majestic lion with pulsating pigments brings out beauty like never before. Let your style shine with this combo and add in what fits you best, as this outfit has numerous things that can be plugged in to make it bomb.  


4) Canndala Purple Crop Top and Booty Short Combo


Coming in with a burst of purple hues and variety of designs and shapes are foreseen from the top and the booty shorts bottoms. Throwing in some more vibrant or even iridescent purple outer layers and shoes would make this fit to die for. This fit is simple, which leaves more room to make this combo your own and one-of-a-kind. 





3) Space Fruit High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit and Swirl Gig Bandana


A swimsuit that is comfortable, cute, and photogenic is something to add to your wardrobe. This can be worn as a swimsuit just for a nice pool day or beach day, and even as a rave fit with some added flare. Blend the Swirl Gig Bandana with a pair of yellow or white fishnet stocks and your choice of shoes, creating a very cute fit or just room for inspiration to make your dream rave fit.  


2) Darkness Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo


Calling all my techno lovers! Go ahead and add to cart because this fit is a staple for techno events. The overcoming of high black saturation, with hints of white peaking through ever so slightly, gives more potential to incorporate black-and-white accessories into this fit.  

1) Daydream High Cut One Piece Swimsuit and Geometric Vibes Rave Scarf


What a dream it would be to have an all pink rave fit for this festival season. If you are thinking that this pink swimsuit is eye-catching just from your screen, wait until you see it in person. These pink hues cover the swimsuit from front to back.

Producing something new and truly distinctive is the Geometric Vibes Rave Scarf. This scarf can be worn in various ways across the body, as a cover-up for your bottom or as a very luxurious pashmina. Together, this fit has loads of character with little to no effort. 


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Synardia Peoples



Synardia is from Kansas City, Missouri. When she’s not writing for iEDM you can probably find her hula-hooping, at a festival, or both. Two of Synardia’s biggest hobbies are painting and fashion.

“I love expressing myself through my clothes. Also, I have an obsession with plushies, so if you see a girl head banging at the rail with a plushy, it’s most likely me.”

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