Top 10 Outfits And Accessories To Wear St. Patrick's Day 2024

St. Patrick's Day Outfits, EDM

| February 20, 2024

Bring in the good luck and wealth this St. Patricks Day. Make sure you have your green fit for this St. patty's day, would not want you to get pinched! Explore these items to see which best fits your style.

iEDM has you covered this st. patty's day, whether it is cold or hot where you are going this year. If you still have not made your plans this St. Patrick's Day, check out our Top 10 Festivals and Shows for the upcoming celebration HERE.

Dive into iEDM's Top 10 Outfits and Accessories to Wear This St. Patrick's Day below.


10) Clover Field Leggings

Clover Field Leggings

Feast your eyes on these Clover Field Leggings that are perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Covered in clovers with a peak of white in the background of the leggings, they are a walking symbol of abundance of faith, hope, love, and luck.

These leggings can be matched with the Clover Field Crop Top, and a pair of green shoes of your choice—tennis shoes or green platforms—would be perfect with this fit.

Check out the Clover Field Leggings HERE!


9) Pot O' Gold Bandana

pot o gold bandana

This festive bandana is a great addition to your fit this holiday. It is showered in green with St. Patrick's Day symbols of beer, hearts, fireworks, and leprechauns. Given that this bandana is overcoming fun and blithe icons, any fit would work with it – even adding it as a hair accessory would spice up your fit.  

Check out the Pot O' Gold Bandana HERE!


8) Trippy Clover Unisex Hoodie


This hoodie is smothered in four leaf clovers with a variety of different designs on a bold black background. Whether you are attending an event in a cold area or just like to be cozy, this festive hoodie is something you should add to your outfit. If you like this design, check out the Trippy Clover Unisex Hoodie and Jogger Combo HERE.

Trippy Clover, St. Pattys Day

Trippy Clover T-Shirt and Crop Top courtesy of @Itraynesitpours.


7) Oscar the Nug Men's T-Shirt


Oscar once said "just because you are trash does not mean you cannot do great things. It is a garbage can, not a garbage cannot." If you are a big Oscar fan, this shirt is just what you need to add to your attire.

Oscar is enlarged over the white shirt, wearing sunglasses with money reflected in them. Pair this shirt with a white pair of jeans and green shoes.

 Check out the Oscar the Nug Men's T-Shirt HERE!


6) Mutant Beats


Don't forget your shades! Nothing can complete your fit like these Mutant Beats. They have polarized purple lenses with green frames. These sunglasses give 100% UVA/UVB protection against sunlight. 

Check out the Mutant Beats HERE!


5) Furry Party Animal Diffraction Googles


Add a little spice and furriness to your attire this holiday. Not only are these extremely cute but they are protective against the sun and perfect for Get Lucky Festival. If you are not a fan of the tinted pair, there are also auburn enhanced and clear.

Check out the Furry Party Animal Diffraction Googles HERE!


4) Neon Graffiti Paint Splatter Hoodie Blanket 


For my northerner ravers make sure you stay warm this st. patty's day with this Neon Graffiti Paint Splatter Hoodie Blanket. Encased in neon green pigments fused with a pitch black background, this hoodie blanket is soft to the touch with a white fuzzy inside to keep you warm through the whole night.  

Check out the Neon Graffiti Paint Spatter HERE!





3) Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat


Elevate your attire with this unique, and cool Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat. Endless swirls of pigments radiate from this bucket hat. Shield yourself from the bright, burning sun in style. Check out more of this design HERE.

Check out the Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat HERE!


2) RGB Smile Glitch Crop Top

smile rgb

Smile! The RGB Smile Glitch Crop Top is covered in smiley faces to make good vibes and happiness gravitate towards you. Nothing but positivity and blissful when you toss on this mesmerizing fit. Pair this top with the RGB Smile Glitch Booty Shorts.

Check out the RGB Smile Glitch Crop Top HERE!


1) Alien Weed Bomber Jacket


The Alien Weed Bomber Jacket is sure to make you stand out and brighten up your outfit. The Alien is posed in the middle of the bomber jacket with cannabis leaves flowing around them. For my girlies, if you love this design just like I do, be sure to check out the Alien Weed Bodycon Mini Dress. This is comfortable and form-fitting. 

Check out the Alien Weed Bomber Jacket HERE!



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