Unleash Your Inner Animal: 10 Outfits & Accessories for Electric Zoo 2016

Unleash Your Inner Animal | Outfit Ideas For Electric Zoo
| August 22, 2016

Prepare to let your wild side loose on the wild island. It's that time of the year; time for us animals to come out to play.

Our favorite end-of-summer festival Electric Zoo is right around the corner, and we can barely contain our excitement for it. Time goes by quick, and before you know it, you'll find yourself struggling a few days before the fest, trying to get your most innovative outfit together.

Fear not, because we at iEDM are coming in clutch and are giving you some outfit ideas for this year's Electric Zoo that will not fail in being a showstopper and helping release your inner animal:


1) Animal Ears

Whether you wanna be a bunny, a monkey, or a cheetah, animal ears are always simple and effective. And the best part about animal ears is that you can easily match them with a cute animal top to compliment.

Accessorize the rest of your outfit by drawing some cheetah spots onto your face and a nose to get the full cheetah effect, and you can even pair some ears with a kandi mask.


2) Pokemon Apparel

In light of all the insane hype around Pokemon Go that's been happening over the past month or so, it would be relevant AF if you chose to get all decked out in Pokemon gear. And who knows? Maybe you'll be able to catch some Pokemon at the Zoo, and not just another Ratata or Pidgey.


3) Onesies 


Prepare to reach comfort level 100. Animal onesies are definitely the move if you're the type of person where comfort is the number one priority, and onesies are always a crowd favorite, like this little leopard sleepy onesie. I mean, just look at these guys rocking their onesies and thriving. You can't buy happiness like this folks:


4) Animal Tee's

Since it's still summer and you want to be comfortable in the heat, you could always opt for an animal tee like this fierce tiger crop tank or t-shirt. Keeping it simple, while still being in the ezoo spirit. 


5) Hoods

I'm gonna be totally honest here; every time I've seen the person in front of me at a fest wearing a furry hood, I can't resist but to cop a feel. It's just SO fuzzy and fluffy, so if anyone has had anyone go up to them and felt their hood, it was probably me. But you really can't go wrong with an animal hood like the unicorn hood.


6) Kaleidoscope Goggles

Following the massive steampunk inspired movement that's been taking over when it comes to rave and fest attire, kaleidoscope goggles are the perfect accessory that will tie together any outfit and give you an experience unlike any other when you put them on. 


7) Body Paint

This is your guaranteed way to steal the show and really showcase your creativity, so looks like it's time to whip out the body paint and channel your inner artist within. And if you're down to step up the game a bit, go for some glow-in-the-dark paint.


8) Island Themed Apparel

Let's put the animal stuff aside for a hot second and focus on the dope concept for this year's Zoo which is the "Wild Island" theme. Anything with some awesome leafy patterns or some sort of jungle island design will be perfect. And one awesome outfit would be a shirt like this neon leaf tank and some body/face paint.


9) Artist Apparel

It's a no-brainer that the Zoo lineup for 2016 is nothing short of STACKED, with headliners like Porter Robinson, Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, and so more. We all love the feeling of seeing our favorite artists and having the time of our lives during their set, so it would only make sense to show some love and appreciation for them. Rep some artist apparel, and for all you bassheads out there, it would be a rookie mistake if you weren't repping Bassnectar.


10) LED Gloves

Time to let your claws out, and by claws, I mean gloves. Melt the faces of fellow Zoo attendees by showing off those twinkle fingers of yours and putting on an awesome light show, plus they'll be that perfect little LED gadget that your outfit needed to tie it all together. 


Alright iEDM fam, there you have it! Now it's your turn to get out there and start brainstorming on some ideas; take a peek at our exclusive Electric Zoo collection, start looking at pictures from past years to get inspired, take inspiration from your everyday life and maybe even watch some Animal Planet?

Inspiration comes from places you would never expect, so don't be afraid to get creative!  Along with some awesome and unique outfits, bring some fun totems, LED goodies, inflatable animals, your dancing shoes, and infectious vibes.


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