What To Wear To Project GLOW 2022

| April 17, 2022

Are you ready to dance your way through the nation's capital? With Insomniac’s very first Project GLOW set go down in just a few weeks in Washington D.C, it’s about time to start packing your bags. Before you do, it’s essential to ensure your rave fits are on point. Whether you're going for a classic festival look or aiming to turn a few heads, iEDM has you covered. Glow up for Project GLOW with iEDM's Festival Collection.


Check out iEDM's Project GLOW Fashion Guide below.




Customizable Luminescence Sunglasses

Nothing says Project Glow like sunglasses that actually glow. With six different color options, the Customizable Luminescence Sunglasses will light up the night like the stages themselves. Not only will these neon glasses shield your eyes from the sun, but you’ll have fellow ravers running up to you asking where they could get a pair. 


Grab iEDM’s Customizable Luminescence Sunglasses HERE!



Tripping With Him T-Shirt


Noctum X Truth Tripping with Him Men's Graphic T-Shirt - iEDM

Repeat after me. “I will not trip alone; I will not trip alone.” If you are one to wander off, this hilarious Simpsons inspired shirt can serve as a friendly reminder to stick with your rave crew no matter how crazy Project Glow may get. The Tripping With Him T-Shirt is perfect for the raver who likes to stay trippy yet get a few laughs in the process. 



Grab iEDM’s Tripping With Him T-Shirt HERE!



Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress

BrizBazaar Alien Melt Purple Bodycon Mini Dress

If you're looking for a one-piece that is both stylish and festival-ready, try the Alien Melt Purple Bodycon Mini Dress. This mini dress takes all the fashion sense of a mini dress and combines it with the celestial vibe of Project GLOW. Melt minds and turn heads with this mini dress. 



Grab iEDM’s Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress HERE!



Power Of Music Men’s Tank

On Cue Apparel Power of Music Men's Tank - iEDM

Music plays an essential role in society and who we are as human beings. It is one of the oldest and purest forms of self-expression that influences how we think, act, and feel on a daily basis. Celebrate the power of music in our nation's capital while rocking the Power Of Music Tank. 


Grab iEDM’s Power Of Music Men’s Tank HERE!



Neon Rift Crop Top

Psychedelic Pourhouse Neon Rift Crop Top - iEDM

The Neon Rift Crop Top fits the aesthetic of Project GLOW perfectly. Designed with a drippy wash with a multitude of colors, this crop top is the upper echelon of rave attire. Celebrate the vibrant celebration of dance music with this colorful top. 


Grab iEDM’s Neon Crop Top HERE!



Magic Mushrooms Men’s T-shirt

Sartoris Art Magic Mushrooms Men's T-Shirt - iEDM
Elevate your consciousness and illuminate the sky with the Magic Mushrooms Men’s T-Shirt. This psychedelic shirt is filled with fluorescent mushrooms over a black background making the shirt pop even more. Take a trip through Project Glow with this shirt. 


Grab iEDM’s Magic Mushrooms T-shirt HERE!



Trance Weekend Shorts

BrizBazaar Trance Weekend Shorts - iEDM

Like the DJ gracing the stage, these festival shorts will put the crowd into a trance. The Trance Weekend Shorts depict a tripped-out green alien floating in front of a mandala filled with sacred geometry. Soar through the dance floor with these extraterrestrial shorts. 

Grab iEDM’s Trance Weekend Shorts HERE!



Whimsical Weed High-Waisted Shorts

Sartoris Art Whimsical Weed High-Waisted Women's Shorts - iEDM

If you consider yourself a stoner, you can’t go wrong rocking these high-waisted shorts. Covered with glowing weed leaves, the Whimsical High-Wasted Shorts showcase your love of the herb while fitting the neon vibe of Project GLOW. Light up the weed and the night with these vibrant shorts.

Grab iEDM’s Whimsical High-Wasted Shorts HERE! 



Peace Stock Crop Hoodie

BrizBazaar Peace Stock Fleece Crop Hoodie - iEDM

Rock this crop hoodie and prepare yourself for some peace, love, and wubz. The Peace Stock Crop Hoodie is perfect for keeping you warm during the late-night sets without being too heavy. Flow through the dance floor with this fleece drop hoodie. 

Grab iEDM’s Peace Stock Crop Hoodie HERE!



Plur Life Fanny Pack

iEDM PLUR Life Fanny Pack - iEDM

Get festival ready and keep all your necessities close and safe with the Plur Life Fanny Pack. Specifically designed to store your belongings in festival crowds, this fanny pack has multiple pockets with durable zippers, so you can spend more time raving and less time worrying. Keep PLUR alive with this fanny pack. 

Grab iEDM’s Plur Life Fanny Pack HERE!



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