What's New From April 10th!

We approach the second week of April with some new tunes from some of our favorite artists in dance music. This week we have an entire selection from bass, future bass, dubstep, and house artists. Check out who made this week's top 10!

10. Jargen - Rhythm Poetry 

‘Rhythm Poetry’ is the ultimate DIRTYBIRD aesthetic track. The track starts off with a smooth percussion and a rolling bassline with the signature DIRTY BIRD vocal edit that wraps it up. Jargen’s displays a unique vibe and shows his high sound design skillset as you can hear from the synths in this song. First of many groovy tunes from Jargen.


9. Marc Benjamin & Timmo Hendriks - Be Alright

Protocol natives Marc Benjamin & Timmo Hendriks come together on this one for a progressive tune. Benjamin and Hendriks are both recognized for their big room style which is clear in this song. This track opens with  theatrical instrumentals and euphonious vocals, "Be Alright" takes us to a remarkable drop that is unforgettable. Need a pick me up track? Check this one out!

8. X&G - Lose Myself

Bass duo, X&G, are two peas in a pod when it comes to creating straight heat. “Losing Myself” begins with a warm vocal and glitchy bassline and a DnB twist in the percussion. The track then takes us into a world of mystifying drums and sends us into a dark world of underground rave vibes. Take a listen!

7.Lane 8 - Bear Hug

Lane 8 is always going in for the gold in almost every song. The artist brings us in progressive house environment that allows us to venture on our own utopia. Don't know what we mean? Check it out for yourself. 

6.Tisoki & Minesweepa - See You Again (feat. David Kuncio)

Tisoki is one of the most recognizable names in the bass music scene and his new music has surprised us in the best of ways. He's also brought some talents friends on this track! Minesweepa adds his special lick on See You Again.” This track is a hard-hitting hip-hop tinged, vocal-driven record, that pushes the boundaries of what sound like bass-pop! 

5.Ibranovski - Kawaii

Ibranovski is bringing something new to the table in dance music scene. Cutesy Japanese-inspired lullabies collide with unexpected samples and classic four-on-the-floor bass house on this one which is not what we expected but it's awesome! Check out this cross over tune!


4 .Baauer- Planets Mad

Trap legend Baauer brings us that straight brilliance with his new music! 'Planet’s Mad' takes listeners to a world of cross styles of music we've heard throughout our childhood. This song is far from basic!


3. Rezz & Grabbiz - Someone Else 

Space Mom continues to push dance culture in all the right directions and we're here for it! She collaborates with Grabbiz in this one. The single opens with a dark guitar chords and a haunting energy. Rezz drops in her deep glamorous sub bass. This is one of the best rock cross sonic aesthetic. Check it!

2.Trivecta - Leave It All Behind (feat. Fagin)

A proud member of Ophelia Records, Trivecta, shares a glimpse into his heavenly body of work with, “Leave It All Behind” featuring Fagin.  This track brings a completely new sonic palette for listeners combining modern folk music and melodic bass music. This song  seamlessly blends both genres, serving up a new euphoric, emotional, and nostalgic sound for dance music fans to explore. 

1.Subtronics - Scream Saver

Subtronics is no doubt one of the top producers in the game right now and  his track ‘Scream Saver’ is our number one this week. This track was a serious ID for months on end and fans peeped it on one of his famous mixes "Now That's What I Call RIDDIM VOL.5." Want to head bang to some laser beams? Take a glimpse of this!


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| April 10, 2020

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Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

Read More...Ashley Lopez is a SoCal based writer who is proactive in the music industry. While she is a festival goer herself, she's also been a taste-maker for artist owned labels for Diplo and Steve Aoki. During her college career, Ash constructed a course at UC Riverside for electronic dance music culture, history, and industry studies that gained significant coverage on social media.

You may catch her behind the decks as she's also a music producer in the making crafting her sound at Icon Collective. Outside of the EDM life, Ash has other specialties that keep her going. You may run into her skating on the beach, kickboxing at the gym, or reading books on how to improve your life. Some of her favorite acts in dance music are Seven Lions, Kompany, i_o, Wax Motif, and Drezo.

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