10 Alien-Themed Essentials For Countdown NYE 2021

| December 28, 2021

New Year's biggest EDM celebration is just days away, which means that you need the perfect outfit picked out, packed, and ready to go for Countdown NYE. This year, Insomniac is expanding it's alien-themed Countdown festival with its very own east coast invasion. Countdown will make its landing in Southern California at the NOS Events Center and Orlando at the Orlando Amphitheater. Ring in the New Year the right way with some alien-themed attire. 




Check out our 10 Alien-Themed Essentials For Countdown NYE below.



Trippy Alien Crop Top

Show you're friends that you're ready to blast off to another planet with iEDM's Trippy Alien Crop Top. This wonky black and white camo crop top features a neon alien face front and center. You'll be ready to invade Countdown with this crop top. 


Grab iEDM's Trippy Alien Crop Top HERE!



Alien Tie-Dye Tank

Throw up a peace sign or to while sporting iEDM's Alien Tie-Dye Tank. A bright green smiling alien covers this playful blue tie-dye tank. Show up to Countdown in style with this vibrant look.  


Grab iEDM's Alien Tie-Dye Tank HERE!



Trance T-Shirt

Hypnotize you're fellow ravers with this entrancing tee. iEDM's Trance T-Shirt is ornately decorated with thick black and white stripes, trippy rainbow mandalas, and a lime green alien face. Start the New Year in style with this top. 


Grab iEDM's Trance T-Shirt HERE!



Alien Invasion Leggings

Nothing says you're ready for intergalactic travel like iEDM's Alien Invasion Leggings. These black leggings are covered in holographic rainbow alien heads, creating a truly trippy print. Get ready to glow while wearing these leggings.


Grab iEDM's Alien Invasion Leggings HERE!



Alien Gangbang Joggers

These joggers are totally NSFW but they will definitely get you noticed at the rave. iEDM's hilarious Alien Gangbang Joggers feature hyper-sexual aliens in a variety of imaginative positions. These joggers are sure to get you noticed at Countdown.


Grab iEDM's Alien Gangbang Joggers HERE!



Alien Arrival Crop Hoodie

Enlighten your fellow ravers with this peace-wielding crop hoodie. iEDM's Alien Invasion Crop Hoodie features a holographic blue and green alien over an abstract backdrop. You'll be the queen of Countdown while donning this crop hoodie. 


Grab iEDM's Alien Invasion Crop Hoodie HERE!



Alien Hoodie

Greet your fellow ravers and martians with iEDM's Alien Hoodie. A turquoise extra-terrestrial covers this abstract vibrant purple and lime green hoodie. You'll easily be seen from space while wearing this bright hoodie. 


Grab iEDM's Alien Hoodie HERE!


Psy Alien Pink Hoodie Dress

Spread intergalactic peace throughout the night with iEDM's Psy Alien Pink Hoodie Dress. An intricate rainbow mandala pattern explodes around a bright pink alien face on this hoodie dress. This look is sure to spread good vibes.


Grab iEDM's Psy Alien Pink Hoodie Dress HERE!



Alien Melt Purple Cloak

Travel to a trippy universe with iEDM's Alien Melt Purple Cloak. This colorful rave cloak is splattered with green and aqua tie-dye and decorated with a vibrant purple alien face. Stay warm are cozy at Countdown with this stellar cloak. 


Grab iEDM's Alien Melt Purple Cloak HERE!



Splatter Alien Onesie

Stay cozy at the rave with iEDM's Splatter Alien Onesie. This black onesie is splattered with neon pinks and greens surrounding a painted purple alien face. This bold full-length onesie is sure to shimmer and shine under the lasers and lights. 


Grab iEDM's Splatter Alien Onesie HERE!



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